Thursday, September 27, 2012

Having An Open Mind Changed His Life

At 24, Jake knew that he did not want to work for someone else.Screen shot 2012 09 24 at 9.34.48 AM Having an Open Mind Changed His Life

Even at his young age, he realized that being in business for yourself was the best way to get ahead.

“I opened a donut shop and enjoyed success for a while and then I was introduced to a different kind of business. A Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) business,” says Jake. “They pitched that this business required no employees, no overhead and of course the ability to make big money and residual income. It sounded fantastic, so I dove right in.”
Sadly, Jake didn’t make any money with his first attempt at an MLM business, so he figured he just needed to try a different one. “I tried over a dozen different MLM’s,” Jake says. “I invested thousands of dollars in products and training programs not to mention the hours upon hours of time,” adds Jake. “Skin care, water purifiers, miracle juices, phone cards, the big “A. I did em all and never made a dime. What I ended up with, was a garage full of products on top of products,” he continues. “In fact, I had so many products that if you laid them side by side, they would go from the California Panhandle, right up to the Polar Ice Cap,” he says with a laugh.

Jake just couldn’t get rid of the inventory and decided that he was done. He and his wife Deb, opened another traditional business, a Convenience Store.

“Things were going great with my store, however, it took a bad turn when franchised operations moved in to town. My little store just couldn’t compete with stores like Walmart and 7-11,” says Jake. “Around that time,  a friend of mine wanted to share a “home business” with me. My walls were up and there was NO way I would ever look at any MLM again. He continued to tell me that it was NOT an MLM but I wouldn’t listen. I was past skeptical, I was cynical.”
Screen shot 2012 09 24 at 10.10.21 AM Having an Open Mind Changed His LifeFor three years that friend continued to visit Jake at his store and he continue to ask him to just have a look. One day, when Jake was at the brink of having to close his store, his friend came in again and Jake decided to hear him out. “He showed me his check for that month. It was over $15,000. No one ever showed me a real monthly check like that, so I decided to at least have an open mind. I pulled my chair up, uncrossed my arms and paid attention. What I saw, was something completely different than an MLM,” says Jake. “It was a solid business and it just made sense.” he adds.
Jake’s first check with this business was $259.00. His largest monthly check was over $68,000.00. In total he has earned over 2.7 million dollars and it continues to grow. “Not bad for a guy that spent 2 years in grade 4,” says Jake jokingly.

My residual monthly income is over $10,000. That’s whether I roll over or roll out of bed,” he continues. “In all seriousness, this business has simplified my life. It’s uncomplicated. I love having the time to enjoy my family, and appreciate the peaceful lifestyle it has given us. With an open mind, some ambition and drive, anyone can achieve their goals with what we do. Anyone.”
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