Thursday, September 27, 2012

The 12 Success Factors – Why 95% of People Fail in Their Home Business!

Why do 95% of people that are trying to build a business at home fail at earning a secure, monthly residual income?

Because they are trying to build a business that does NOT meet ALL of The 12 Success Factors.

I have yet to find an MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) company, or a traditional business that even comes close.
A residual (passive) income is income that continues to come in month after month, year after year,  from something you did ONE time in the past.
When I was first introduced to the concept of starting a “Home Business”, I was quite skeptical.
Coming from a corporate and business background, I didn’t believe that “those” types of businesses worked. And I believe that I was right with regards to MOST of them.
If your business (or a business you are considering) meets every one of the 12 Success Factors, I believe you’re right on track to building a business with a solid, monthly residual income that will be there for your lifetime and for generations to come.
If it doesn’t, perhaps you should revisit, regroup and rethink your plan of action.

One other important tip: Ask for printed, documented, annual income statistics as well as a documented monthly re-order rate. If that is not provided, consider that a red-flag that you should be concerned about. When considering
starting a business, you NEED to know the numbers!

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