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Adoption Praise Report! (Feel free to pass on)

Dear Friends and Family,
Well, I don't know where to start! First of all, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU, for standing with us through these last two weeks. For lifting our family in prayer. For devoting so much time, energy, resources, and emotion into being part of bringing our little guys home. WE MADE IT! We are fully funded for our Tuesday deadline!!! Alleluia! We serve a big and mighty God, and when He is determined to carry out His plans, He doesn't let anything stand in His way. How humbled we are by your hearts and God's faithfulness. There are so many amazing stories to share - once I can take all my little notes and phrases out of my journal and put them into a narrative that makes sense! I will post on our blog within the next few days, and share pictures of the spaghetti dinner and hopefully some of the amazing events and people that touched us since December 3rd. (And before that, even.)
A dear friend said something very inspired and important to me last night. I was sitting in my own pride feeling really uncomfortable "receiving" all the amazing blessings being poured out and over our family. She pointed her finger at me and with tears in her eyes, she said, "Patty! You just need to get out of the way! This is about what God is doing and you can't interfere. This isn't about you." It is entirely about my Daddy God who adopted me into His eternal family and loves me. I love ALL my children passionately, but you know what? God loves them even more than that! I stand in awe and thankfulness to my Savior and Redeemer. Jesus, You have redeemed two more! Thank You, God, that they don't need us. All they need is You. And we are simpy privileged and called to teach them and show them this truth...and love on them. :-) Amen!
So. Now what? Now we wire our funds to our agency. They will then let the boys know they officially have a family. Yay! Then we complete more paperwork and continue some fundraising efforts as we still have two round-trips to Ethiopia and monthly "foster" care to fund. We will keep everyone updated and I'll do my best to keep our blog current. There are silent auction items that were not purchased at the spaghetti dinner, so we will update that page on our blog and run the auction online for the rest of the items.
Please continue to pray with us, not only for the remaining funds, but for return, multiplied blessings on all who are supporting us, for Paul and I as partners and best friends to not be distracted and to keep our gaze firmly fixed on the Lord, and for our children. All four of them. :-)
Many people were concerned about our spaghetti dinner turnout because of all the rain. How crazy was that?! I mean, when is the last time it rained like that here in the Phoenix area? It's been a long while, but of course the rain came down on just that specific day. I have to share that I felt so much peace. I just knew that the rain was meant to be for a reason. I JUST NOW realized something. God has put me in Psalm 68 several times this week. Here is part of it...
The earth shook; the heavens also dropped rain at the presence of God; Sinai itself was moved at the presence of God, the God of Israel.
You, O God, sent a plentiful rain, whereby You confirmed Your inheritance,
When it was weary, Your congregation dwelt in it;
You, O God, provided from Your goodness for the poor.
Psalm 68: 8-10
The rain cleared and today our church pastor and leadership were able to tell us that the mountain had been moved and the rain confirmed His presence and provision. Oh Happy Day!
With so much joy, love, and peace,
Paul and Patty

Patty Gregersen

"As for me, I will call upon God and the Lord shall save me. Evening and morning and at noon I will pray and cry aloud and He shall hear my voice." Psalm 55:16,17

Basileia Christian Dance Company

A true testimonial from a very picky person

I am an extremely picky person, especially when it comes to my home being very, very clean and disinfected. When I was first introduced to Melaleuca aboutabout 5 years ago, I thought,”Yeah, okay, there is no way that these products can do what they say. I’ve seen so many other companies make so many other promises about how their products work SO WELL and how I would love them, blah, blah, blah.” Against my gut feeling, I ordered the products from Melaleuca anyway, thinking, “What the heck, I’ll try them, but I doubt seriously they’ll perform like the company says they will.” OH WOW, was I wrong!!! I have NEVER used products from ANY company that actually worked, I mean REALLY worked. I love a clean and disinfected home. I will never, ever use any other cleaning products unless they are from Melaleuca. What a noticeable difference. I’m not very big on testimonials, but you know what, I am sure proud to post this one. If you have never tried Melaleuca, do it now. It will be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make!! If you are picky like me you should really look into these products and give it a try what will it hurt you have 60 days to try them and return them empty bottle or not and money back.  NOTHING to lose. Click here for more information

All Roads Really Do Lead To Melaleuca

About Michelle Smith

When I was introduced to this company, I had recently retired from my successful career in corporate America to stay home and raise our family. I had searched for months on the internet hoping to find a legitimate opportunity that would allow me to achieve my goals. I was so fortunate to have been introduced to this team and company and immediately knew the possibilities. Just one year into our business, I managed to replace my prior income, as well as my husband's My husband and I are now able to work this business from home together around our four beautiful children, but truly the best gift is that we never miss a moment. We work with a company that has a mission to help others and we are so proud of that. We work everyday knowing that we are able to help so many people change their lives!!!

Michelle Smith

When Michelle started with our company, I was extremely skeptical. I had heard of so many companies that never really made anyone any real money. Her first check was nothing much at all, and I continued to think it was like one of the other MLM companies out there today. After a few more months, I began to realize the true potential, because I fell in love with all of what this company offered. After over six years of being with this company, they have never let our family down once, and it continues to amaze me. I am very grateful that my wife saw this company’s vision and did not allow my skepticism to get in the way. We enjoy an amazing life now, thanks to this team, one most people just dream about. The exciting part is that everyone can achieve their dreams with this team and company. It just depends on you.

Lance Smith

Michelle and Lance Smith
Proud parents to Gage, Kylee, Tristan, Haley

Work At home for 1.00


Friday, December 21, 2012

About Kristie Jones

About Kristie

Single Mom to 3 amazing children. I have the best of both worlds as I get to be a full time mom while I work from home! 

I am a single Mom to 3 beautiful and wonderful children: Amanda (13), Katelyn (11) and Brody (4). After the birth of my 2nd child, I was divorced and in a position that I needed to support my family financially, but I wanted to be a stay at home mom as well, as I thought that was extremely important as I was the only parent in their life. I started my home business in September 2000 and now have the best of both worlds:) For the last 9 years, I have been able to earn a 6 figure income, but without having to run around town as a distributor, so I truly am at home with my children. I am enjoying a different life than I ever imagined.
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About Nicole Monetz

About Nicole K.

As a stay-at-home MOMpreneur of two girls, I am very passionate about connecting with other women, moms, and entrepreneurs nationwide. At birth, my first daughter Alexandra was diagnosed with a genetic disease called Cystic Fibrosis which I came to learn is the number one life-shortening and life-threatening genetic disease for children today. After deciding to give up my career in the financial industry to stay home, I have been on a mission to raise CF awareness and wellness worldwide. I created a multiple 6-figure income in less than 2 years, and now have over 10 years of experience in teaching moms, families, and small business owners to improve their personal wellness while earning a real, ethical residual-income from home.
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About Andi Page

About Andi

About time I updated this....I am a busy stay at home mom of 5 beautiful children and an Executive Director III for a billion dollar Pharmaceutical and Wellness company. I work from home earning a life changing income and help others do the same. We own and operate a 35 acre horse ranch in Colorado with many horses that we board and train. I love giving therapeutic lessons to special needs families. I enjoy teaching 3rd grade and 4th grade on a volunteer basis, and I am also a cheerleading coach as well. I am a dedicated dancer and choreographer and enjoy teaching people to express themselves through dance. I LOVE life and love having fun and being with friends and people who are real and are genuine. I can be nothing by ME and Real 100% of the time. Helping others is what I do, I was meant to help people for a living and once people get to know me personally...they know who I really am-I give with all of my heart. My goals are to raise my children to be strong successful leaders in life who follow their dreams and passions to success. I want to travel to Ireland, Australia, Turks and Caicos, Germany, and all around the world. I will be a Corporate Director someday with our company and won't stop until I succeed.
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Thank you! Here’s an exciting update

I am looking for those that are serious about working from home, I have been able to work from home with my 5 kids for the past 6 years and I have truly enjoyed the journey! We live an incredible life. Are you OPEN to change your future in a positive way because right NOW you can
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I look forward to talking to you about Work at Home United and helping you decide if it's the right opportunity for you! Until then, feel free to visit my website below.

The Hand of Providence: Rallying a Community to Make a Difference

TEMPE, ARIZONA is typical of the American Southwest.The stucco houses of suburban sprawl are uninterrupted (except for the occasional verdant golf course, palm tree, park or hotel), and every day ends with an orangey-purple brush-painted sunset. Only the barren adobe cliffs and the occasional tumbleweed remind you that you’re on the edge of the Sonoran Desert.
But if you do enough exploring in this Phoenix suburb, you’ll eventually pass a 2.5-acre structure-less city block lined with row upon row of leafy greens—big, juicy vegetables by the ton. You’ll see kale, artichokes, Swiss chard, turnips, onions and arugula. You might even spot a sizeable zucchini, a tub of blackberries, a basket of garlic or a bushel of broccoli. Not far away, at a similar site in Chandler, you’ll find an orchard with apples, peaches, pears, plums, nectarines and figs.
There’s also a pretty good chance you’ll see people out in the fields, weeding, hoeing, planting or irrigating. You might be surprised to learn that the folks you see doing the work and getting dirty don’t intend to eat or sell the food. It’s like a reversal of the tale of the Little Red Hen; this group plans to pass their harvest along to others in need.
The garden and the orchards are all part of an organization called Harvest for Humanity, a nonprofit that started in 1991 when a retired Air Force pilot felt impressed to make a difference for others. The food doesn’t go just anywhere; it goes to the mouths of the less fortunate in the Phoenix area.
For years, the pilot (Homer Piatt by name) and his organization served the community little by little. But when the Arizona real estate market was spit out by a lousy economy in 2008, donations came to a standstill. After 17 years of fulfilling his dream and helping others, Homer was suddenly unsure he could keep things going.

A Green Thumb

In her previous career, Senior Director VIII Denise Phillips managed a team of engineers in the defense industry. Then, in the 2000s, she began working as a sports massage therapist, personal trainer and nutrition consultant, as well as building a healthy, growing Melaleuca business. But Denise wanted to do more, to use her experience in nutrition to help others—a concept she calls “food as medicine.”
“In 2006, I started putting together my own nonprofit to grow healthy vegetables for the less fortunate,” Denise says. “But I realized it was going to take thousands of dollars to make that happen, and the bureaucracy was stifling. One day, someone told me I’d need to get some lawyers involved, and I said, ‘For crying out loud—I just want to help people!’”
Then in 2008, Denise stumbled on some information about Harvest for Humanity and realized someone else had already done all the work to get things set up. She hopped in her car and took a drive down to that same plot of land in Tempe, where she found Homer up to his elbows in weeds and earth.
“I asked, ‘How’s Harvest for Humanity going?’” Denise remembers. “He said, ‘Not good—the economy’s bad, donations are down and I’m getting too old for this.’ So we sat down, and I took a closer look. I told him, ‘I’m going to get some volunteers together, and we’re going to help you with this incredible mission.’”
No stranger to networking, Denise made a few phone calls, rounded up dozens of good people from the Phoenix suburbs, and then went to work. She attracted volunteers from churches, community associations, major corporations (including ING, Intel and Cox Communications) and local school districts.
“We’ve even partnered with Starbucks in the area—we recycle all of their coffee grounds and filters, turning them into compost,” Denise says. “We’re always looking for good people who can come help out.”
The next year, with Homer’s age advancing, Denise became the organization’s executive director and enrolled it in Melaleuca’s Charitable Organization Program. Where Harvest for Humanity had teetered on the edge of extinction, Denise’s help restored the organization’s financial footing, and, more importantly, its optimism.
Denise and Harvest for Humanity friends

“As the Garden Grows, So Does the Gardener”

Even as Harvest for Humanity began growing like never before, Denise was watching the recession sucker-punch her finances. Her 401(k) was all but gone, and her real estate investments had evaporated.
“I thought, ‘If I don’t want to be in a food bank line myself, I’d better do something,’” Denise remembers. “I wondered about going back to corporate America, but then I realized I had this Melaleuca check coming every month. So in February 2011, I really picked up the intensity of my Melaleuca business.”
Melaleuca and Harvest for Humanity, as it turned out, are a natural fit. Both involve bringing together a group of people with what Denise calls “big hearts” and a desire to enhance lives. So Denise began to find business partners while she was working in the fields, building her business to Senior Director VIII, allowing her to focus on her passion without taking a paycheck from the nonprofit.
“Some people wonder what they were put on this earth to do,” Denise says. “But I know my gift is to teach people to make better decisions about their health and well being, and to be kinder to our earth.”
When a volunteer couldn’t meet her assigned shifts because of chemotherapy, Denise expanded the program to feed those battling cancer. Later, she realized she could involve children with disabilities or chronic diseases. “That’s what tugs at my heartstrings the most,” Denise says. “My whole passion is to help people.”
Ultimately, Harvest for Humanity is about a lot more than vegetables. In the end, Denise knows, when the harvest is done and the fields are fallow, the intangibles will keep feeding everyone involved throughout their lives.
“That’s what Harvest for Humanity is all about: building a strong community, teaching people to be more self-sustained and knowing that you’re helping people who might not have access to this nutrient-dense food,” Denise says. “Everyone is out there learning, having fun and making a difference.”

Change Your Life by Writing About It

Writing unlocks right-brained capabilities, making way for unexpected solutions.
Feeling a little lonely, depressed, or frustrated? There’s a quick and easy cure—write down your feelings. The practice of journaling dates back to at least 10th century Japan. While daily journaling provides an interesting history for your family or even the world—like Anne Frank’s and Ralph Waldo Emerson’s journals—private writings that no one else ever sees can also provide you with some surprising benefits.

Daily Journaling:

  • Reduces stress—People who journal every day cope much better with stress. While they don’t experience less stress, they are better suited to handle it when it occurs.
  • Restores feelings of control—Journaling bridges internal thoughts with external events and allows you to see patterns in life and results of action.
  • Aids problem solving—We generally solve problems from a left-brained, analytical perspective. But sometimes the answer can only be found by engaging right-brained creativity and intuition. Writing unlocks right-brained capabilities, making way for unexpected solutions.
  • Increases memory—The daily act of remembering and writing about events leads to a stronger memory and sharper cognitive skills.
  • Improves health—University of Texas psychologist and researcher James Pennebaker asserts that regular journaling strengthens immune cells for better overall health. Other research indicates that journaling decreases the symptoms of asthma and rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Helps with weight loss—A study published in the journal Psychological Science showed that women who wrote about their values in a journal every night lost an average of 3.4 pounds in four months while women who didn’t journal gained weight. Writing about values appears to give women a sense of self-integrity so they are less likely to eat to feel better. This focus on values and self-worth is believed to help with many obstacles in life—not just weight loss.

Woman and daughter at a computerLog On to Blogging

Not all journals involve a pen and paper. In the last decade, blogs (a portmanteau of “web logs”) have become wildly popular, especially among mothers. Blogging seems to offer the same benefits as personal journaling with the added perk of peer support and staying connected with loved ones.
A study performed by Penn State graduate student Brandon McDaniel, showed that new mothers who are active in the blogging community—whether they blog themselves or just read other “mommy blogs”—were happier.
Blogging helps new mothers with the transition into parenthood, which can often leave women feeling isolated and depressed. McDaniel says the benefits of blogging extend even further, creating better marital relations, less depression, and less stress.
Other social media sites like Facebook and Twitter do not offer the same benefits. Check out free blog hosting sites like Blogger, WordPress, or Tumblr to get started.
So what are you waiting for? Grab a pen and paper—or a laptop—and pour out your soul. You’ll be a better, healthier, happier person for it.

A Message from Frank Vandersloot

About Melaleuca

From Melaleuca's humble beginnings in 1985 to a billion dollars in sales in 2011, Melaleuca continues to focus on its mission of "enhancing the lives of those we touch by helping people reach their goals."
They do this in four major areas: physical health, personal health, financial health and environmental health.  For more information on Melalueca please click here


Hi my name is Brandy. Welcome to my Melaleuca Health and Wellness blog. I have been using Melaleuca products for a 6 years now and I have improved my health in so many ways I can't even tell you in one post. I will be blogging regularly to share with you how you can improve your health.

I used to be extremely overweight and I lost 95 pounds from healthy eating, diet and exercise. I have also improved my quality of life from not allowing allergens and irritants in my home and on my body.

I have a 1-480-577-6032 number you can call me and get signed up to receiving healthy, green and safe products through Melaleuca.

I will be posting this soon along with my testimony on how good choices in products and healthy habits improve your health.

Hunger 911 - Code Red snack emergencies


The day to day struggle of keeping weight off doesn't have to be so hard. Sometimes we just need to accept our limits and be prepared for times of weakness. If at any time I just say "I give up, lets just eat what I want" then it would be just a matter of months before I was back to 230 pounds. This is why preparation is so vital to maintaining your target weight. You can not wait until your opening the cupboard doors, going thru the fridge and looking for anything that crunches, comforts your nerves or extinguishes your hunger to think about how you need something lowcal in the house. You must prepare for times like these ahead of time. How do you do this you ask? It's called a grocery list. You must invest the time to sit down and find low calorie snacks that fill that void you will be seeking to fill at times of desperation. If you have a habit of walking into the kitchen looking for something to crunch on then you should never go one day without having peeled baby carrots in the fridge. If you think about it, you would have to eat 3 sacks of carrots just to get a fraction of the calories that is in a 99 cent bag of those tasty kettle cooked chips.

Call Brandy about getting signed up with Melaleuca: 1-480-577-6032

Thursday, December 20, 2012

I am so Thankful for Martha and the Support Team at Work At Home United

I worked for a Computer Software company and wanted to be home Full-Time with my children. With my job I travelled for weeks at a time and was tired of missing my family. When I was pregnant with my 2nd child I knew I had to make a change if I ever wanted to be a Stay At Home Mom. I could not just quit my job because we relied on my income. I started looking for an at home business that would allow me to live my dream of raising my own child.
I came across this team in February of 2005 and it was everything I had hoped for. It gave me flexibility to work around my full time job with all of the support and tools I needed. I had never done any type of home based business before and really appreciate everyone on the team for their support.
I have replaced my full-time income and I am living my dream of raising my 4 children. This team and company has allowed me to not miss the important events in my children's lives. I am able to be home for them for everything they need. I love that I do not have to Sell or Stock anything. I also get to be my own boss and set my own hours around my family.
I enjoy very much helping others have the time freedom and financial freedom that we have found. I look forward to helping you have the same!

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Michelle & Lance Smith
My husband and I are now able to work this
business from home together around
our four beautiful children.
Nicole & Dan Montez
Unexpectedly our first daughter Alexandra was diagnosed with a genetic disease called Cystic Fibrosis.
Stacey & Alec Huff
With the tools of this team in less than two
years we replaced two full time incomes and became completely debt free.
Kristie Jones
I am just one example of the many lives that are now completely changed by taking that chance with our team and company.
Maureen Yiatrou
The system we have has made it easy to not only help ourselves, but also assist others in making their lives better.
Melanie & Greg Crowe
I was a Registered Nurse and wanted to be home full-time with my children.

Sanya Walker
It wasn't a significant investment of time, but I was persistent and felt confident that my business would grow.
Jennifer & Geoff Dockum
After years in the military we were able to replace my husband's income and bring him home by working with this team!
Stephanie Flanagan
This business has given us the opportunity for me to stay home with our son, without having to worry about our finances!

Kami & Gary Ricks
When our daughter was born, I made that commitment to be home, no matter what. My husband soon took a new job, hoping to make things easier. Three months later,
he was laid off.
Cyndee Barduson
3 days prior to flying to Belarus to adopt our daughter, my boss called and cut my hours from full time to 2 days a week which meant an annual decrease in salary of $20,000.
Wendy Wallace
I am a cancer survivor and wellness is really important to me.
Pamela & Tony Bennett
We had been in and out of several home businesses over the years and we knew that
we would find the right fit sooner or later.
Jen Coffel
I love what I do and I love my life.
I am on a mission to help others have the same!

Suzy Ashley
I've been able to pay off all of our adoption expenses, start saving for our children's
college and pay down on our mortgage.
MaryLou Loya
My husband and I have both replaced
our incomes and are able to
be home with our kids.

Deborah & Rick Cox
After the birth of our daughter, my
15 year postal career no longer mattered.
I was able to retire from that career
because of our team and company.

Jennifer Wealer
I loved my job as a kindergarten teacher but hated leaving my 1 year old daughter at daycare each day.
Kelly Schwartfigure
I had worked in Corporate America
for over 15 years in the accounting field.

Jen Baird
I was a single mom, living paycheck to paycheck with a daughter suffering terribly from allergies and asthma.
Natalie & Ben Hill
My business is growing so fast and it will last a lifetime.

Olivia Smith
My hours are flexible and on a part time basis my income keeps increasing thanks to the power of residual income!
Susan Leonard
I get to schedule my time around my family’s needs and schedules.
Michelle McFarland
Former Kindergarten teacher now enjoying all the blessings of working from home.
Dionne Prins
I don't miss anything that is important to me and my family.
Andi Page
This team and company has changed our lives and our children's futures forever!
Martha Hillin
I have replaced my full-time income and i am living my dream of raising my 3 children.
Cindy & Geoff Strole
This business has allowed us to be in control of our own life and reach goals that we never thought would be possible.
In Memory of Beth Dettore
I am a wife and a mom of a three year old little girl. I have built a very successful business in spite of severe health complications due to Diabetes ranging from dialysis three days a week and a recent leg amputation. Anyone can build this business with no excuses!

.: Your Home Network :.

Work At Home United

Work atHome Unitedis a team dedicated to helping people live the quality of life they deserve. We work from the comfort of our homes and enjoy the important moments in our lives. This experienced team is here to partner with you every step of the way in reaching your goals, so that you can build an income to last a lifetime.
Work at home the way you want to with:
NoLarge Investment
NoSelling, Stocking or Delivering Products
No Pressuring Others
No Complicated Paperwork
No Collecting Money or Placing Orders
“95% of people fail when they start a business without a system.
95% of people are successful when they start a business with a system.”
-Entrepreneur Magazine
Work at Home United offers you the following FREE tools:
A Proven System for Your Success
Simple Step-By-Step Training
Professional Mentoring and Coaching
Unlimited Team Support
Personalized Web Sites
Monthly Leadership Publications
Global Marketing Potential
100% Satisfaction Guarantee
We are proud to be partnered with an Inc. 500, International Wellness Company with incredible credentials. This is a strong, stable, legitimate company that we believe in. They are continually expanding worldwide with explosive growth. This company is continuously awarded and recognized by the United States Chamber of Commerce, Inc. 500 Magazine, USA Today, CNN, and the NASDAQ, among other noteworthy and prestigious institutions.
According to Paul Zane Pilzer, a world renowned economist, “By the year 2010 an additional one trillion dollars of the U.S. economy will be devoted to the Wellness Industry. People are becoming concerned with the consequences of not living a healthy lifestyle.”
For more than two decades, our company has given hundreds of thousands of people the opportunity to:
Improve the Quality of Their Environment
Enjoy Better Health
Save Money and Time in Many Areas of Life
In addition, we are offered the option to earn a part time or full time income from home.
Today, many people have financial concerns including:
Credit Card Debt
The Rising Cost of Education
Healthcare Costs
Job Security
Saving for Retirement
Our company has the solution for these concerns, regardless of your background or previous business history. Whether you are a doctor, lawyer, CEO, stay at home mom, student, teacher, senior citizen or accountant, this is the business you have been searching for. The only thing you need is the desire to succeed!
Learn more about this simple yet rewarding compensation plan where you can create the level of income you desire!
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This is Your Life, Your Dreams, Your Business!