Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Wellness, Safety & Income!

imply cannot put into words how amazing my personal experience has been since joining the Mela-Family!
Several products have seriously made a difference for us. Melaleuca Renew Lotion cleared up ALL of my sons skin sensitivity and dryness issues. ZapIt Face Wash has not only been successful at clearing up my skin, but has also HEALED most of the discoloration from severe breakouts in the past. (I had tried everything from ProActive to DermaQuest and everything in between). Melaleuca MelaPower is a successful contender keeping our clothes bright, crisp and clean, even with well water. Also, being completely honest, I wouldn’t have enough energy to get through the day if it wasn’t for my Vitality 4 Vitamins. No more body aches, so much more energy and just an overall feeling of health.
Not every parent is able to say that they do not worry about their children getting into the cleaners in their home. While I still try to keep my son out of the cleaners, knowing that Melaleuca only produces and sells better, safer and environmentally safe products helps to put my mind at ease.
The best part! In addition to shopping and using awesome products, if and when I refer others to shop at the Melaleuca Product Store, I personally receive checks in the mail. How many companies do you know that send you money, Thanking You for not only shopping for yourself, but for referring others to do the same?
From One Happy Momma, Wife, Daughter, Friend, Co-Worker & Mela Customer to another!

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