Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Melaleuca Oil

A Wellness Wonder from Down Under

Outstanding Wellness Products Enhanced with the Power of Melaleuca Oil
It's known as The Wonder from Down Under® — pure, natural Melaleuca Oil. Painstakingly extracted from the leaves of the Melaleuca alternifolia tree (which grows naturally in the swamps of New South Wales, Australia) this pale yellow oil is the ultimate "green" product. It's environmentally friendly, made from renewable resources, and highly effective. Since chemist A.R. Penfold discovered oil of Melaleuca alternifolia's antiseptic properties in 1925, there have been numerous clinical studies published about it in prestigious publications such as The Medical Journal of Australia, The British Medical Journal, Lancet, and Planta Medica. A 75-year history of safety, effectiveness, and usage give this essential oil a pedigree unmatched by any other natural compound.
For over 17 years, Melaleuca has built its business around versatile, cutting-edge wellness products — many of which tap into the varied uses of this extraordinary oil. The potential of Melaleuca Oil far exceeds any other natural product, in part because of its six astonishing properties:
1. Naturally Antiseptic
Stops topical bacteria in its tracks. No other known essential oil is as effective as Melaleuca Oil in killing various types of topical bacteria. In addition to the oil itself, Mela-Gel, Melaleuca Essentials Antibacterial Foot Spray, the Denti-Care dental line, and the Zap-it! skin care line capitalize on the oil's amazing antiseptic power.
2. Gently Soothes
Brings instant relief for countless minor skin irritations. Moisturizing Hand Creme, Nature's Cleanse, Melaleuca Essentials Shave Creme, and CortiCare Anti-Itch Cream are just a few of the products that use Melaleuca Oil to soothe and comfort dry, itchy, or irritated skin.
3. Safely Penetrates
Carries its healing benefits far below the top skin layers. Melaleuca Oil penetrates to soothe sore muscles in Pain-A-Trate, moisturize and soften skin in Hydrating Body Lotion, and tackle chronic dry skin in Moistursil Problem Skin Lotion and Bath Oil.
4. Beneficially Non-Caustic
Soothes skin as it heals. Powerful — yet gentle — Melaleuca Oil is mild on most skin types. For people with especially sensitive skin, we offer T40-C3 — an ultra-rare grade of Melaleuca Oil for persistent skin irritations.
5. Effective Solvent
For ultimate cleaning power. Melaleuca Oil is a natural cleanser — able to eliminate tough stains and resins. This makes it an ideal ingredient for the EcoSense® line of cleaners which includes MelaPower Laundry Detergent, PreSpot Plus! Stain Remover, Tough & Tender and Sol-U-Mel Three-In-One Cleaner.
6. Pleasantly Aromatic
A delight to your nose. Melaleuca Oil can be used in vaporizers to fill the air with a fresh, pleasing, herbal scent.
Melaleuca Oil — it stands on its own in unparalleled antiseptic power. But it is also a key ingredient in many of Melaleuca's first-aid, personal care, and cleaning products — a versatile oil created by Mother Nature and brought to you by Melaleuca for complete relief and comfort.

Ordinary Tea Tree Oil
T36-C5 / T40-C3
Melaleuca Oil
Terpinen 4-ol
minimum content: 30%
Terpinen 4-ol minimum content:
T36-C5, 36%
T40-C3, 40%
maximum content: 15%
(less Cineole means more Terpinen 4-ol)
maximum content:
T36-C5, 5%
T40-C3, 3%
Blending of oil from any quality or combination of 300 Melaleuca species permitted
Only high-quality Melaleuca Alternifolia oil
No guarantee of consistent quality from bottle to bottle
The quality guarantee is in the names — in every bottle, every time.

Melaleuca Oil: Major Relief for Minor Pain
When you need natural, soothing relief for minor burns, bites, scratches, and abrasions, reach for pure T36-C5 and T40-C3 Melaleuca Oil. Known as The Wonder from Down Under, no other herbal remedy works faster or more effectively over a wider range of skin problems! T36-C5 is perfect for everyday minor wounds — two sizes give you the freedom to use it generously. Ultra-rare grade T40-C3 is recommended for persistent skin irritations or for people with sensitive skin.
Soothe Minor Skin Irritations with Mela-Gel
Get the soothing powers of T36-C5 Melaleuca Oil-in a convenient gel or balm! These exclusive first-aid products prevent the soothing oil from evaporating or running and keep it in constant contact with your skin... soothing your minor cuts, scrapes, bug bites, and burns. Wheat germ oil, cocoa butter, and vitamins A, D3, and E provide the nutrients and moisture your skin needs to recover quickly. Apply Melaleuca Oil, then cover with a layer of Mela-Gel — it will act like an invisible bandage to keep in the healing power.

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