Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Independent Marketing Executive

Honestly, I love all of the Melaleuca Wellness Products. All I can say is that these products are the finest out there in the industry. I have been using Melaleuca products since 1989. I must say that the T36-C5 melaleuca oil is my very favorite because it healed up a terrible fungus that I had for well over 2 years. Tried to get rid of it & after using all the techniques of numerous prescription drugs nothing worked until I used the Melaleuca T36-C5 oil. And anti bacterial liquid soap. Miraculously within about a week it was all gone. And then comes the Renew lotion. I can’t say enough for this Renew. My knuckles felt like an alligator’s skin and they actually were [not] hurting me after rubbing this onto my hands. WoW what a difference. The laundry products Melapower and Melabrite. Just can’t be beat. And Solumel is so wonderful for so many things. I do a whole lot of recycling plastics, to keep them out of the landfill, and let me tell you that Solumel can’t be beat for taking off that sticky glue residue. Amongst the many other things that I have used it for. Well I could just keep going on and on forever about how wonderful Melaleuca Wellness products are because truthfully I have never found any fault with any of the products. All I can say is that I will never stop using Melaleuca products. I do wish however that Melaleuca would develop some products for cats… After all Melaleuca does have a few things for dogs. I hope to make it to the Melaleuca Convention this year.

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