Thursday, December 20, 2012

Work At Home United Helps Motivated Individuals Succeed In Direct Sales

For anyone with a limited budget that is hoping to start a side business, direct sales can be an inviting opportunity. Especially at a time like now when many people are facing steep unemployment rates and layoffs.
Work At Home United is made up of a team of home-based business owners that work together towards direct sales success.
Maureen Calo, a representative with Director III status, has been enjoying the benefits of a team-based home business since early this year. We connected with Maureen for a short interview about Work At Home United.
What is Work At Home United?
Work At Home United is a team of Independent Business Owners who have partnered together in mutual respect for the purpose of mentoring others and developing home based business leaders.
We’ve teamed up with a reputable partner company with a solid track record for success. Anyone can build a successful business regardless of how much money you have in the bank, or their education or background. All you need is motivation and the desire.
What inspired you to join?
After deciding to return to the work force, I was hesitant about punching a clock and working weekends. I had been at home for years and the economy was so bad – that re-entering the work force was scary for me. I also knew that with my work ethic it was time to work for myself . I didn’t have a huge bank account, franchises are expensive, not to mention the time I would need to devote – maybe to break even. I still wanted to be home and have freedom and flexibility – hard to find that today.
I searched and searched the Internet and the Books Stores. There are a lot of jobs or offers to approach with caution. I didn’t have the time or money to be scammed.
After hearing about this great Team – it made perfect sense to me –especially knowing I was working with successful people. I wasn’t reinventing the wheel – that’s was already done. The better, safer, superior products was a plus as well. The products just made sense.
What separates Work At Home United from the other business opportunities?
Work At Home United is a great group of successful people who wished me only the best success and have been with me every step of the way. They train, mentor and celebrate your achievements. It’s my business, but I am never alone – great support system in place to help me reach my goals and dreams.
I earn a residual income to last a lifetime. If I need time off – I can take it knowing I have money coming in. I don’t start out any given month at 0 – I’ve always got my customer base and continue building on it. I am compensated on my own efforts – not anyone elses. I don’t deliver, stock, take orders, collect money, the company does all of that “they work with me”.
Any tips on how you’ve been able to balance your business and family time?
It’s all about committing to my business and working around my family’s schedule with dinner and studies and after school sports. I plan my week on Sundays and plan my hours each day for my business. When planning my week ahead – I know how many hours I need to commit to my business each week to stay on task. Some weeks are busier with family than others – I then adjust my goals too.
Do you have any goals you’d like to reach before your 1st anniversary? What are your long term goals?
My goal is Senior Director in February, 2013.
Long Term is easy –with such a great opportunity and unlimited income – I’d like to be in the six figure income bracket as soon as possible, considering I’m compensated for my own efforts.
What are some of the lessons you have picked up from working with this company?
Anyone can do this – NO INVESTMENT – RISK FREE! This company is proof that “Never Quitting” is the key to a successful business. I’ve seen the proof that “persistence” does payoff.
Do you have any advice that you’d like to offer anyone who might be interested in joining your team?
My advice – If you want it – it’s yours. You must have a strong WHY? There is no right or wrong answer- everyone’s story is different. If you are a self starter, driven and want to make money while working from home then I encourage you to take the leap and be in control of your own future, not someone else. I give myself raises and promotions. I also never worry about a “pink slip” or wondering if I survive the next lay off.

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