Friday, December 21, 2012

Hunger 911 - Code Red snack emergencies


The day to day struggle of keeping weight off doesn't have to be so hard. Sometimes we just need to accept our limits and be prepared for times of weakness. If at any time I just say "I give up, lets just eat what I want" then it would be just a matter of months before I was back to 230 pounds. This is why preparation is so vital to maintaining your target weight. You can not wait until your opening the cupboard doors, going thru the fridge and looking for anything that crunches, comforts your nerves or extinguishes your hunger to think about how you need something lowcal in the house. You must prepare for times like these ahead of time. How do you do this you ask? It's called a grocery list. You must invest the time to sit down and find low calorie snacks that fill that void you will be seeking to fill at times of desperation. If you have a habit of walking into the kitchen looking for something to crunch on then you should never go one day without having peeled baby carrots in the fridge. If you think about it, you would have to eat 3 sacks of carrots just to get a fraction of the calories that is in a 99 cent bag of those tasty kettle cooked chips.

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