Sunday, December 9, 2012

Melaleuca Versus Traditiona​l-non profit handout

We believe Melaleuca could make an excellent fund-raiser for your nonprofit organization. It
certainly has for many others around the USA! Let's start by talking about some problems with
Traditional nonprofit fund-raisers.
Traditional Fund-Raisers vs Melaleuca:
1. Traditional Fundraisers Are Temporary.
* Must be done regularly, or the funds dry up.
With Melaleuca: This fund-raiser is permanent, continuing month after month, year
after year. It has raised funds for our charitable organization since 1995 with no expenses
2. Donor Dollars Are Limited in Traditional Fundraisers.
* More non-profits are seeking less dollars. Baby boomers give less.
* Less money for each of them.
With Melaleuca: There is no limitation on potential dollars.
3. People Unacquainted With Your Organization ... Probably Will Not Give.
* Your organization will only raise a minuscule of its potential donor dollars.
With Melaleuca: People who have never heard of you will give money for
years to come!
4. Traditional Fundraisers Require Planning, Advertising, Effort, Money, Etc.
* Volunteers often times get burnt out, requiring recruiting & training of others.
* The same people are asked to be involved with again and again.
With Melaleuca: Once set in motion, this fund-raiser can run on it's own, with little
5. Traditional Fundraisers Are Limited to Geographic Area.
* Do people from CA, FL, NY currently donate to your organization?
* Does the majority of your donor list come from your state? Immediate area?
With Melaleuca: People from every state and 12 foreign are are potential donors, and
motivated to enlist other donors for you.
6. The Same People Give Year after Year to Traditional Fundraisers.
* It is difficult to add new donors on a regular basis.
With Melaleuca: Your donor stream is constantly being refreshed and enlarged.
7. With Traditional Fundraisers, Many Donors Do Not Give Regularly.
* Donations tend to be sporadic at best.
With Our Business: Everyone donates 5% monthly!
8. Donors Receive Little Benefit From Giving to Traditional Fundraisers.
* Besides a tax receipt, what does a donor receive for giving?
With Melaleuca: A donor could receive thousands of dollars of benefit because of their
9. Fund-Raiser Costs Constantly Escalate.
With Melaleuca: No cost increase for the nonprofit.
10. More Donor Dollars Are Needed Each Year to Accomplish the Same Tasks.
* Inflation.
With Melaleuca: More donors are available.
11. Non-Profits Can Only Tap Into Donors Savings ... Not Into Their Monthly Expenses.
With Melaleuca: Your organization will be tapping into donor’s expense moneys,
money they are already spending elsewhere, not just into their extra cash!
Our Proposal
Our fund-raiser is designed so that people not only contribute monthly but they have the
potential of being rewarded financially themselves for their efforts!
This is a way where a nonprofit does not tap into donors designated gift dollars, but taps into
people’s expense moneys - dollars they are already spending elsewhere!
We suggest that your kick off this fundraiser this month. We can help them complete a plan of
This is not a “raise a ton of money this month” program. Nor is it the immediate answer to your
financial challenges. Our business' potential for being a fund-raiser should be viewed as a long-
term and a permanent solution to assist you in meeting your nonprofit’s financial needs, for
decades to come, when most of you are gone from this organization. You have the opportunity
today to leave a financial legacy to this institution!

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