Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Ten Reasons to Become a Melaleuca Customer

When I first started using Melaleuca products, I did so because I wanted to "see what all the fuss was about". I was familiar with Melaleuca from other people, but didn't know enough about the products to give them a try. However, because I have allergies and asthma and my friend told me that people who removed chemical-based cleaning products from their homes saw positive results in their health, I thought it was worth a try. That was about six months ago, and since then I have become a real fan, and have even begun promoting it to my clients and friends.
Although I believe that this is an ideal business opportunity for someone who wants to earn a little extra money or who is looking for a low investment business opportunity to be able replace their current income, I also really think that everyone can benefit from just being a customer. Here are a few good reasons why everyone should consider becoming a Melaleuca customer.
1. There is a positive affect from removing the chemical cleaning products from your home - Even if you don't suffer from allergies or asthma, chemicals are harmful and can be dangerous to your children and pets. Chemicals are now being linked to all kinds of diseases so why take the chance. Melaleuca uses botanicals as the active ingredients in their cleaning products and removes the sulfates and other harmful products from their hair and skin care products.
2. The products actually works - When I first heard about products powered by botanicals I was skeptical that they could really work. I have used cleaning products from health food stores and found them lacking. However, I have yet to be disappointed in any product from Melaleuca.
3. You will save money - Because their products are all concentrated, I spend a fraction of the money I was spending on cleaning and grooming products as well as, vitamin supplements. I was astonished the first time I did my laundry and only used a couple of ounces of product and still had clean clothes. I also save over $20 on my monthly supply of vitamins.
4. You won't spend any new money each month - the products that you will buy from Melaleuca you are already buying somewhere else. Simply by switching stores you will get products that save you money and are safe for your children and pets.
5. The membership for Melaleuca is affordable for anyone - At a one-time cost of $29 for a shopping membership to access products at a 30-40% discount, it was cheaper than my Costco club account.
6. Becoming a Melaleuca customer will not interfere with whatever business you may currently be building - I have an organizing business, which I continue to build and work, being a Melaleuca customer does not impact that at all.
7. You receive $100 worth of free product in the first 6 months of membership - Melaleuca wants you to try all their products and they give you $20 a month just to prove it.
8. There is a money back guarantee - If you decide you don't like a product for whatever reason, you can get your money back.
9. You will be using high quality, well tested products while still saving money in price comparisons with leading brands - The more I learn about this company, the more impressed I am with their research and development. No stone is left unturned to find just the right ingredients to make the products affective. Additionally, these products are tested and retested in independent labs all over the world to ensure their quality and efficacy.
10. You can feel good because you are using products that are environmentally friendly - You don't have to be an environmentalist to appreciate the need to take care of the planet.
There are lots of reasons to enjoy the products from Melaleuca, give them a try and come up with a list of your own.
Sharon Schierling - Coach, organizer and a member of the Work at Home United team, offering an simple and economical opportunity for women who want to provide for their families while raising their children.

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