Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A Helping Hand

My name is Brandi Mabe and I’ve been with the company as a customer for a year and half, but working for Melaleuca for a little over three months now. About six months ago, we noticed that something was changing for our son, he was very impulsive and not having a good time at school. We did an online assesment to find out that he might have ADHD. All I could think about was ‘there’s no way I’m putting him on a prescription medicine for this.’ Through research of the Melaleuca products I found that we have a product that helps with ADD & ADHD as well as some other disorders. So we made the decision to try it and see how he would do with it. The results have been awesome. He has been taking the ProvexPlus with Grape Seed Flavinoid and Koala Pals Vitamins for three weeks now. No longer do we get “bad” notes from school or phone calls home. He’s been able to concentrate more in school and at home. I love Melaleuca and all there products but these two have made a huge impact on our lives and our home. Thank you Melaleuca.

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