Thursday, December 20, 2012


Hello and welcome to  My Blog Site!!! My name is Brandy Luing and I feel honored to have you here! I am a mom of 5 beautiful children. They are my everything and the whole reason I work at home. I've been a WAHM for almost six years which allows me to have the best of both worlds, a career and be the mom I've always wanted to be. I have built a very successful business from home and am SO grateful for that. However, I continue to see many moms out there struggling to find work at home success! My passion is to help ALL moms, that want to, become successful WAHMs! That is the purpose and mission of this blog.

This blog will be full of work at home tips, ideas, tools to help you succeed and inspiration to keep you on track on your journey! BUT, if you've ever worked at home building a business, you know that there is SO much more to it than that. We have to balance everything!!! We have to take care of the family, cook, budget, the whole nine yards. We have to be Savvy Moms! On this blog, you will find coupons/freebies, recipes, work/life/family balance tips on top of all the work at home goodies you will receive.

I hope that you LOVE this blog, benefit from it GREATLY and pass it on to other aspiring Savvy Work at Home Moms!!


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