Thursday, December 20, 2012

Work At Home United

If you are looking for a way to make some extra money by working from home, I strongly suggest you check out Work At Home United.

With Work At Home United, you set your own schedule, so you can work it around your family, a day job, and any other business you may have.

I personally work with Work At Home United, and these are just a few reasons I chose them:
There isn’t a big start-up fee – I’m not willing to invest a lot of money into something; especially if I’m not sure I’ll even like it!

It’s not direct sales – I respect the people who work in party plan companies, but that just isn’t my cup of tea

It truly is “Work From Home” – Sometimes, the people who “work from home” are rarely working from home! (a prime example is direct sales reps!)

I choose when I want to work – I already have a business (this blog!). Plus, I have family responsibilities, friends, etc. I need something that works around me!

I don’t have to sell anything – (if I wanted to sell something, I’d join a party plan company!)
Since I’m not selling anything, there is no inventory taking up space in my house – (who does want that??? NOT me!)

I don’t have to deliver anything! – (again, if I wanted to, I’d join party plan!)
For more information on Work At Home United, click here

(and if you decide to request more information, I’ll be the one giving you the information. I’m someone you already know and trust – so don’t be scared to request the info!)

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