Friday, December 21, 2012

About Andi Page

About Andi

About time I updated this....I am a busy stay at home mom of 5 beautiful children and an Executive Director III for a billion dollar Pharmaceutical and Wellness company. I work from home earning a life changing income and help others do the same. We own and operate a 35 acre horse ranch in Colorado with many horses that we board and train. I love giving therapeutic lessons to special needs families. I enjoy teaching 3rd grade and 4th grade on a volunteer basis, and I am also a cheerleading coach as well. I am a dedicated dancer and choreographer and enjoy teaching people to express themselves through dance. I LOVE life and love having fun and being with friends and people who are real and are genuine. I can be nothing by ME and Real 100% of the time. Helping others is what I do, I was meant to help people for a living and once people get to know me personally...they know who I really am-I give with all of my heart. My goals are to raise my children to be strong successful leaders in life who follow their dreams and passions to success. I want to travel to Ireland, Australia, Turks and Caicos, Germany, and all around the world. I will be a Corporate Director someday with our company and won't stop until I succeed.
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