Thursday, December 6, 2012

see so many FB friends with sick kids

I see so many FB friends with sick kids or coming down with their "this time of the year" sicknesses and stomach bugs. I feel so sorry for those people and children as they are absolutely clueless on WHY they are up all night with sick kids, why they always have the same ol sickness each year. We too, in my family used to deal with all of that and NOW my kids have not been sick not even once in 6
years! Katie, my baby just turned 4 years old in June and has yet to have her FIRST runny nose! Now that is a "normal" childhood, not the constant fevers, coughs, up all night sick, headaches, ear infections, eczema, nebulizers, and tons more! If people, moms, and families would just stop for a second and take a breath and become educated on "WHY" their kids are always sick, it would change their lives!! It does not cost one single penny to hear FREE information that will change your lives and your children's lives forever!!
NOT to mention, that I have personally lost 6 pounds in the last week by replacing my breakfast with our new GC Chocolate Fusion....the results for me, are amazing!! I plan on losing about 20 pounds in the next few weeks and that is with eating whatever I want over the Holidays!! I am sooo looking forward to buying an entire new wardrobe in smaller sizes!! What we do for people in the Nutritional and Fitness industry are also life and game changing!! Again, absolutely free information, a little education never hurt anyone!!

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