Sunday, December 9, 2012

Why I love my company....I don't have to worry

Hey everyone!
I thought I would pass this info on to you guys as leadersJ Chartreuse is a green ecofriendly company that has products for people to use in their homes. They are an MLM but the theory behind the company with protecting the environment no chemicals is the same as ours. They will be closing their doors at the end of the month. Even their top consultants had no idea. Many of these people are now out of an income or if they were not working the business they are out of products. You can do a google search in your area and find consultants near you. Stay in your area. If they were building a business with Chartreuse then they built their business by parties. These are people that would love to do in homes and that is what they are used to doing. These are people that you could do a 1 on 1 with and they will totally already get the products the business should be a no brainer for them also.
Remember these people started at ZERO at the beginning of every month. The key is showing them RESIDUAL INCOME!!!! It does not matter if you have enrolled 8 customers or 100 customers you have a more stable income than they do. You have income coming in every month. This is not something to wait to do we need to act NOW. You will be finding people that already have a heart for business and know how to work hard. They will all have the ability to earn $1000 THIS month. For many that will be the biggest check they have EVER seen.

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