Thursday, December 6, 2012

When You Suck at Social Media

Everywhere you look these days, it seems like entrepreneurs are being told to get on social media. It’s THE way to advertise and promote. Maybe you’ve jumped on Twitter and Facebook with everyone else and maybe you’ve done well . . . or maybe you find yourself struggling to figure out what to post and discouraged that no one responds. You’re not alone.
Social media can be an excellent way to promote your business, but there are many people going about it all wrong. And, truthfully, not all social media is for everyone. I have a few accounts on Twitter, for assorted businesses and I have a terrible time getting into them. Facebook is far simpler for me. Why? I’m not sure, actually, but it might have to do with the somewhat slower pace on Facebook.
First, remember that there are dozens of different types of social media out there. If you’re more visually inspired, Pinterest might be for you. For those who are always up to date and love constant streams of information, Twitter is an excellent choice. Linked In works well for those who want to keep things professional and Facebook is an great alternative to Twitter for anyone who prefers a slower pace, yet plenty of interaction with other people. Finding the right social network for you is a good start.
The other thing to consider is where your audience is. If you are looking at products for a younger crowd, they’re probably on Facebook and Twitter, for example. Make sure to research and find out just where your buyers are hanging out, since it won’t do you much good to hang out where no one else is.
Finally, if social media just doesn’t work for you, consider hiring someone to help you out, or just leave it to be a minimal thing, something you do once in a while, but don’t force yourself to participate on a daily basis. Why am I giving this advice? Because it is very evident in social media if you are not enjoying it and are forcing the content . . . and people will walk away from that. Keep it real and you’ll maintain your followers.

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