Tuesday, December 11, 2012


1. I wake up at my work place each day and answer only to myself.
2. I choose when I want to work and when I don't.
3. I set my own goals each week and determine my own worth.
4. We are HELPING people with our business, never HURTING anyone.
5. I don't have inventory or a lot of costs associated with running this business.
6. I have more support and resources than I could ever need and it's all FREE.
7. I get paid by direct deposit each week AND an additional check in the mail each month.
8. I can do all of my work in my home, wearing what I want to wear and even have the t.v. on.
9. I can will my business to my children if anything should happen to me.
10. I don't start over building from scratch each month, because this is RESIDUAL income.
11. I get a bonus each month to pay for whatever car I want to drive.
12. I get an advancement bonus every time I advance to a new status.
13. I am working with people and products I love and believe in completely.
14. I not only earn a great income but this business also saves me a lot of money monthly.
15. I still get paid every single month for work I did the month I got started. RESIDUAL INCOME.

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