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Customer Chronicel Month of April 2013

April 2013
Melaleuca Product Stories
Over the past few years I’ve witnessed frown lines developing between my eyebrows that give me an angry look. In January I started using the SEI BELLA LUXURY CREME CONCENTRATE each night and I noticed that those unsightly lines have become less prominent. I look a little nicer!-Julie B.-MA
A few months ago, my 88-year old father commented to me that he was suffering some shoulder pain. When I went to visit him a few weeks later, I took some PAIN-A-TRATE to him. He did not have the pain anymore but I left it with him anyway. Well, this past week I talked to my mom (86) and dad and learned that dad had strained his shoulder recently and remembered to use the PAIN-A-TRATE at night. The pain was gone by the next morning. He also has an elbow that took the brunt of a fall many years ago and was pulverized. Only recently has he started to feel pain with it so he again rubbed the PAIN-A-TRATE in and voila- the pain was gone! My mom called me to tell me she had slept in a crooked position the other night that resulted in a stiff neck. You guessed it- PAIN-A-TRATE to the rescue!-Cindy B.-CO
Product Highlight
Oral care affects more than just the health of your mouth. A report by the Surgeon General called the mouth, “a mirror of health or disease”, stating that it is “the center of vital tissues and functions that are critical to total health and well-being across the life span”. Numerous studies have backed the Surgeon General’s statement, proving that neglecting the health of your mouth may have dire consequences for the rest of your body.
Bacteria: The Root of the Problem
Plaque. Tarter. Cavities. Periodontal Disease. These terms are probably familiar to anyone who has visited a dentist, but what’s not commonly known is they all share a common cause- bacteria, and more often than not a specific type of bacteria known as S. mutans. S. mutans ferment the sugary foods we eat to produce lactic acid. In the same way that acid rain corrodes, this bacteria-generated acid can literally dissolve tooth enamel through a process known as demineralization.
What Do Typical Products Do About the Problem?
Most toothpastes and other oral health aids use ingredients like fluoride to combat plaque and tartar. While fluoride is effective at strengthening the tooth enamel and helping it to resist demineralization, it does little to fight the bacteria that cause the problem. Some toothpaste manufacturers add an antimicrobial ingredient known as triclosan to fight bacteria. While triclosan is very potent, it takes a shotgun approach to bacteria, killing off beneficial bacteria along with harmful forms. Fortunately, there is a safe, all-natural way to fight bacteria and maintain a healthy mouth- the MELALEUCA DENTAL CARE SYSTEM.
Gentle Cleansing and Bacteria Killing
Melaleuca’s tooth polishes take the natural approach to keeping bacteria in check using a combination of three ingredients with a long history of antimicrobial uses:
Ø Melaleuca Oil: Long recognized for its powerful, natural properties, Melaleuca Oil not only boosts the natural cleansing power of each tooth polish, it also helps target harmful bacteria. In a study conducted in 2003, Melaleuca Oil was tested against 161 isolates of oral bacteria, including S. mutans. After just 30 seconds, Melaleuca Oil caused a decrease in bacterial viability, and after 5 minutes no viable organisms were detected.
Ø Propolis: Propolis is a resinous bee product composed of flavonoids, well-known plant compounds that have antibacterial properties. A study conducted at the University of Rochester Medical Center found that subjects who used propolis experienced a 61.7% reduction in the concentration of dental plaque compared to a placebo.
Ø Myrrh: A large shrub that grows in the Middle East, ancient Greek and Roman physicians used myrrh extensively to treat wounds because of its excellent antimicrobial properties.
Dental Floss- This extra-strong, waxed material glides easily between teeth without fraying. For extra protection, it’s coated with pure Melaleuca Oil to help interrupt bacteria growth.
Breath-Away Mouth Rinse’s bacteria-fighting formula is charged with T36-C5 melaleuca oil, propolis, and myrrh to deliver a triple blast of freshness, but is alcohol-free. So it is safe for the whole family.
Hot Shot and Cool Shot Breath Spray- A quick blast of cinnamon or mint instantly refreshes your mouth while Melaleuca Oil, propolis, and myrrh attack the bacteria that cause bad breath.
What Would you do with an Extra $100 in your Pocket?
Buy a new summer outfit, get a manicure/pedicure, go out for a nice dinner, take your family out for a day of fun? Melaleuca has a great promotion going on from April 1-16th. Refer two customers to Melaleuca and earn $100. Talk to the person who opened your account about how to get someone you care about the information about shopping for Melaleuca’s safer, healthier products.
Awesome Alternatives
Did you know…
You can use Rustic Touch Furniture Polish on your glass stove top to take the grease and grime off?
You can use Rustic Touch Furniture Polish on all your stainless steel appliances to remove fingerprints and repel them from coming back.
A Different Way of Doing Business?
Have you ever wondered why Melaleuca has a minimum shopping order? Even though Melaleuca is a billion dollar company they are competing in the consumable goods marketplace with Proctor and Gamble, Colgate Palmolive, Johnson and Johnson, etc. All of these companies are multi, multibillion dollar companies. They literally own the shelf space in stores, so as a smaller consumable goods company they are almost impossible to compete with.
When Melaleuca opened their doors 27 years ago their mission was to help people get better, safer products in their homes at reasonable prices. Even though their products were what you would normally find in a small, expensive health food store, they wanted to compete price wise with these bigger companies. They knew, in order to survive in the marketplace, they would have to be creative in the way they set up their company.
1. They decided they would cut out the distribution center (the store). Melaleuca ships their products directly from the manufacturing plant to their customer’s door steps.
2. They decided to do no formal (and costly) advertising. Melaleuca wanted to benefit their customers the most, so they decided to pay their customers for advertising for them and doing word-of-mouth referrals.
3. They decided to build their business model around a common marketing term called JIT Manufacturing. JIT stands for “Just in Time” manufacturing. When Melaleuca can count on their customers to shop monthly with them it allows them to put into practice the JIT manufacturing and do three things:
o Buy their expensive, plant-based ingredients in bulk and cut down on the cost
o Project out the inventory they will need for up to three months, which significantly reduces waste and storage space
o Guarantee the freshness of their products to their customers
Melaleuca has figured out that it saves the company 17-21% monthly to manufacture this way. They also save a significant amount since they don’t do any normal advertising or distribution through stores.
With all this in place, Melaleuca is able to compete in the marketplace and still offer their customers some of the most high-end, effective, environmentally-friendly products in the marketplace and offer them at a 30-40% discount off the retail price to their loyal customers. It has become a perfect partnership between the customer and the company.
We hope you enjoyed this newsletter. We are always looking for product experiences or for alternative uses of Melaleuca products to use in future issues, so if you have one you would like to share please email it to
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The Melaleuca Wellness Guide- RM Barry Publishing
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