Thursday, April 25, 2013

Info on Melaleuca as a Company

I loved hearing this last night and wanted to pass it on to all of you! You are in the RIGHT place and these numbers certainly prove how great our company is and how stable they are!! Growing every year in a recession!! LOVE IT!!! What piece of the growth will you have this year?
1. 2012 - Melaleuca sales were 1.13 billion which is an increase of 9.2% over 2011

2. Average product points/order is up .5 product points. This is significant because not only is this an increase in income but more families are converting more of their households. (this equals retention)

3. Commission to product points is guaranteed to be 50%. Melaleuca paid out 52% last year. Average Executive Director income is up $9,370/year. Average Corporate Director income is up $96,141/year.

4. We are still in inflationary and recessionary times. Commodity price index is up between 3% and 15% last year directly affecting manufacturing ingredient costs - this has been seen at all stores. Melaleuca has held prices steady always maintaining and adhering to their founding axiom: Exceptional products at reasonable prices.

- 75% of customers shop online
- 11% of customers shop with Melaleuca's mobile app
- Melaleuca has $65 million in computer systems and millions in manufacturing space
- Melaleuca is building a new research center, technology center, video center and meeting facility. All of this has been accomplished as a completely debt free company.
- <8% of people have heard of Melaleuca - up from 2% approx 10 years ago - how much of the future of this company will be in your business?
- Melaleuca sends out 206,000 checks every month
- March is on track for 50,000 enrollments rivaling one of the best months in its' history

"People are yearning to be asked to be used to their full potential." - D. Palato

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