Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Asthma/Eczema Testimonials

Chemicals in YOUR home causing problems / illnesses... like eczema and asthma!!
There are so many chemicals and cancer causing agents in the daily products most people use.  Not only are they hurting you and your family when you use them... but, they are also out-gassing as they sit under your cabinet!!
Here are some testimonials I would like to share about how switching their homes to melaleuca changed and enhanced some lives:

Asthma Tips/Testimonials:
My husband has Asthma and prior to shopping with Melaleuca I was not able to clean the home if he was present.  This was a huge problem when I became a full-time stay at home mom, especially since he was working a night shift.  I could not clean any part of the home while he was sleeping because the bleach and ammonia fumes would literally wake him up with an asthma attack.  I could not even run the dishwasher until he was gone.  As long as I cleaned in the evenings after he left for work, he was fine.  I wasn't!  I was exhausted at this time of day.  Needless to say, not much cleaning got done!  Now though we are in a completely different place.  Mick picks up any of our cleaners and cleans with me without any cause for concern.  On top of this, we have saved a ton of money.  We no longer buy inhalers every month.  This was costing us $50/month (copay).  Now, we might buy this 1-2 times/year.  Over the last 9 + years this has saved us over $5000 in medication, not to mention doctor expenses.  My husband frequently comments how his home is no longer his enemy!  When we visit the homes of others who still use bleach, he can't even stay in their home.  His eyes immediately water up and he gets a tight chest.  But HIS HOME IS SAFE!

Eczema Tips/ testimonials:
Cleaning products! Yes, cleaning products! When you live with someone who has eczema, you eventually figure out all the triggers. My husband works in a Blood Bank and the lab counters are constantly washed down with diluted bleach. If he does not pay attention and allows his skin to come in contact with the surface, he will have an immediate flare up! My niece and nephew have to wear long pants or stockings to day care because the back of their legs will break out in contact dermititis from the Lysol that is sprayed on the chairs. All these cleaning products leave a residue behind and for someone with eczema this can lead to a serious, miserable flare up. All of Melaleuca's cleaning products are free of harsh and harmful chemicals and will not do this.  Your best friends will be Renew Lotion, Melagel, Dermacort and Melapower! ( everything in contact with their skin makes a BIG difference, laundry detergent is always in contact with their skin all day long on their clothes and linens!)
I just want to share a story from one of my current customers who came to me over 5 years ago with her then 7 year old who has severe eczema.  About a week after she switched over to Melaleuca's products, she called to thank me stating my son is finally sleeping though the night! He was 7 years old! He would literally scratch all night long! On top of that, she said, he refuses to take a bath unless he sees me add the Renew Bath Oil and he reminds her to bring the Melagel with them when they leave the home. Her husband went to their pediatrician and told him, stop prescribing Ointments and Creams and Start prescribing THIS and gave him a Melaleuca catalog. 
The RENEW LOTION is a life-safer and once starting with the Melapower laundry detergent 

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