Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Someone asked a silly question the other day...

Ron sent me an email that just said this:
"Do you ACTUALLY help your team?"
At first I thought it was a ridiculous question...
...but then I took a trip down memory lane - just
a few years ago.
I remember what it was like to be in a business
where you couldn't find any help...
And, apparently this guy has been around the block
and gotten his butt kicked in this industry.
Maybe it's happened to you.

We jump in something expecting all this help
and great results....
....and as soon as we send our money we never
hear from the person and we never see results.

It happens WAY too often. 

So after I thought about it for just a few
moments, I quickly realized that it's a
legitimate genuine question.

Here was my response to him:

"Ron - thanks for the question. It took
me back to just before I had success...
and I was in the same shoes you are.

Joining program after program - all I
wanted was someone to help me JUST
ONCE... and I would be out of their hair
and on my own.

I remember what it's like to want it so bad...

You can smell it and taste it. Because so
many others are achieving success, you
know it's in reach... you just don't know
exactly what to do.

I know this is a long response for such a
simple question - but your one line question
told a story of what you've been through.

So here's my rebuttal question:

Why wouldn't I help you?

When you look at work at home united, how
it works, and the team concept involved,
why would I not want you being wildly

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