Tuesday, June 25, 2013

WOW! This is AMAZING!!

MELALEUCA did their first Billion dollar year in 2011 and it looks like we're going no where but up! Every one of you can be a part of this. Melaleuca just invested 150 million into a new manufacturing plant projected to do 5billion in sales. That is how fast we will grow AND we still remain private and debt-free!!

Can't wait to see what this year brings!

Congratulations to over 500 people who advanced their home business in MAY ALONE!!!

In July 2013 there were:
227 brand new Directors and Director 2's!
Annual Income:
High = $17,000.00
Average = $2,050.00

187 advancements in the
Director 3 through Director 9 Statuses!
Annual Income:
High = From $27,700.00 to $64,300.00
Average = From 7,400.00 to $31,454.00

79 advancements in the Senior Director
through Senior Director 9 statuses!
Annual Income:
High = $270,600.00
Average = $62,000.00

13 advancements in the Executive Director
through Executive Director 9 statuses!
Annual Income:
High = $596.000.00
Average = $153,000.00

1 New Corporate Director
Annual Income:
High = 2,176,000.00
Average = $1,031,000.00

I am so grateful to be partnered with amazing people who are committed to helping others to reach their goals and a company that provides the vehicle to do it!

Congratulations to everyone who moved their business forward!

With only $1 Memberships for June, it's going to be another amazing month.

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