Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Love this Testimony on Tub N Tile!!!

How often do you get information from customer who love the products they are using in then home on a everyday basis.  Well this company gets them handed in by the hundreds everyday here is just another awesome customer sharing their experience.

A Testimony for the Tub & Tile Cleaner You Won't Believe!
We have 13 acres of rolling hills and large grandfather pecan and oak trees along 2 weather creeks. We had a really severe storm 3 weeks ago and a large grandfather tree fell into the creek across our property line. The tree is massive at least 100 years old. In it's falling it hit another oak tree damaging it and landed on a grandfather pecan tree putting it under a lot of stress . The other day we met with our neighbor next door that we share the property line with to discuss a plan of cleaning the massive tree out of the creek. First of all I am a mosquito magnet! But anyway I was cleaning my bathroom with the Tub & Tile cleaner which I enjoy so much! Really I look forward to using it the scent is wonderful and I know I'm not breathing anything toxic, when my neighbor text-ed us to meet her at the big tree. She is very cautious about chemical exposure as she is a cancer survivor of 8+ years! I decided to take her a spray bottle of the Tub & Tile Cleaner for her to try. We were there just a few minutes when she started hopping around slapping mosquito's and she looked at me and said why aren't they biting you? I could still smell the Tub & Tile on my arms and told her it must be the Tub & Tile cleaner! Not one mosquito bit me!  She quickly took her bottle of Tub & Tile and began to spray her legs and arms rubbing it all over herself! Not one insect bite afterward and we stayed at the creek talking for 1 1/2 hrs. enjoying the beauty of the massive trees as the sun began to set. Amazing.

If you want to try this products as well please contact me today at www.workathomeunited.com/brandy

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