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Axe body wash and many others are very toxic!!!!!!

Axe body wash and many others are very toxic!!!!!! Jesse is now using the Melaleuca Men's alloy line and loves it!!

Axe Body Wash
Review: Rating 1.4/10

Rated a Highly Toxic Skin Care Product in
the Body Wash Category in the
Natural Skin Care Product Review

Cancer Proven
Reproductive Toxins
Safety Violation
Penetration Agent
Untested Chemicals
Animal Tested
Propylene Glycol
Violet 2



Axe body wash is a highly toxic skin care product. This product's official name is AXE Revitalizing Shower Gel. The parent company Unilever had sales of 49.9 billion dollars in 2004. In the interests of disclosure this corporate behemoth was recently involved in a mercury scandal.

Unilever Taking the Red Pill?

The AXE brand marketed by Unilever has penetrated the public consciousness through slick marketing and packaging. Unilever claims AXE is the world's leading male grooming product because men have - like Keanu Reeves - "taken the red pill." The irony is that using this toxic product is the same as taking a poison pill - without the choice of colors!


There is nothing positive about this product according to the ingredient label. The Axe body wash does not meet any natural ingredient parameter. In fact, if you were to inject this chemical concoction into someone's bloodstream you would be locked up. I do not say this lightly, as the penetration agent
- TETRASODIUM EDTA - in this product enables it to pass into your bloodstream unhindered.

Tested on Animals?

It is not certified organic and it uses synthetic chemicals that have been tested on animals. Unilever outsource's animal testers so as not to get their hands dirty. The fact that it is not certified organic - obviously - means that there is a possibility the product contains G.M.O - genetically modified organisms - and pesticides.


The Axe body wash is a chemical soup with many of the ingredients never even tested for safety according to the C.I.R. - Cosmetic Ingredient Review. The chemicals that are certified by the C.I.R have been tested on animals.

Cancer Linkage

This product contains a very toxic ingredient - COCAMIDOPROPYL BETAINE which has been linked to cancer in animal tests.

Reproductive Toxicity

This product contains one ingredient - ETIDRONIC ACID - linked to reduced fertility and a reduced chance for a full term healthy pregnancy.

Penetration Enhancers

Also present are penetration enhancers: TETRASODIUM EDTA. These agents work to infiltrate the skin membrane - i.e. penetration enhancer - and in doing so may increase exposures to carcinogens.

Untested Chemicals

AXE Revitalizing Shower Gel contains 3 chemicals that have not been assessed for safety in cosmetic formulas by the C.I.R. These chemicals are: PEG-5 COCAMIDE, ETIDRONIC ACID, GLYCERIN.


My advice is this, Don't Believe The Hype or the slick marketing by Unilever. Stay away from
AXE Revitalizing Shower Gel. If you use it now I strongly urge you to throw it in the trash.

Don't fill the coffers of a mega corp that KNOWINGLY uses toxic ingredients in their so called skin care products. Vote with your wallet and maybe Unilever in time will learn not to put their customer's health at risk.

The Unilever corporation reported an operating profit of 4.2 billion dollars in 2004 and they will not suffer if you don't buy this or any of their products again. However, if you use or continue to use this product you may suffer a myriad of health effects in the long term.

Certified Organic Alternative

There are legitimate alternatives to toxic products like these. You can make your own moisturizer products using natural ingredients.

Or, if you are someone who likes the peace of mind that your natural skin care products are certified organic I would refer you to the top rating natural body wash.

Voice Your Opinion!

If you have an opinion or experience with Axe body wash please click on the feedback link. I will include your comments in the NSA Insider Forum.

In Detail
Natural Ingredient Rating: (+) 0.0AXE Revitalizing Shower Gel rated in the Natural Skin Care Product Review.

Certified Organic
Caress and the parent company Unilever are not certified organic by any third party body.0.0
100% Natural Ingredients
No, Axe body wash does not contain all natural ingredients. See ingredient box below.0.0
No Synthetic Chemicals
Negative. This product contains synthetic chemicals. I have cross referenced the ingredient list with the Hazard MSDS database. See ingredient box below.0.0
No Animal Testing
Negative. Some of these chemicals have been tested on animals. This is required by the C.I.R to have certified chemicals.0.0
No Pesticides
Cannot be confirmed as Axe body wash is not certified organic.0.0
No G.M.O
Cannot be confirmed as Caress skin care products are not certified organic.0.0
Cold Formulated
No. Since synthetic chemicals are used they need to be heated in the production process.0.0
Charitable Company
No charitable cause information found on the Caress website.0.0
Total Score 0.0


Toxic Ingredient Rating: (-) 3.6 AXE Revitalizing Shower Gel rated in the Natural Skin Care Product Review.

Cancer: Proven Link
No. 0.0
Cancer: Possible Link
Yes, Axe body wash contains COCAMIDOPROPYL BETAINE.0.7
Reproductive Toxins
Safety Violation
Penetration Agents
Yes Axe body wash contains 1 ingredients - TETRASODIUM EDTA. These may increase exposures to carcinogens and other ingredients of concern.0.4
Untested Chemicals
Yes, 3 ingredients - have not been assessed for safety in cosmetics.PEG-5 COCAMIDE, ETIDRONIC ACID, GLYCERIN.0.3
Harmful Toxins
Yes, Axe body wash contains COCAMIDOPROPYL BETAINE.0.5
Animal Tested
Yes, the chemicals in Axe body wash that have been assessed for safety are animal tested. This is a requirement of the C.I.R.0.3
Propylene Glycol
Violet 2
Misleading Advertising
Total Score 3.6


Directions For Use:
AXE Revitalizing Shower Gel
Shake before use. Massage onto damp skin.
3.6 -


Ingredients As Listed on PackageAXE Revitalizing Shower Gel
Water, SODIUM LAURYL SULFATE, Ammonium Laureth Sulfate, FRAGRANCE, Cocomide MEA, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, GLYCERIN, PEG-5 Cocamide, PPG-9, PEG-150 Pentaerythrityl Tetrastearate, PEG-6 Caprylic/Capric Triglycerides, Guar Hydroxypropyltrimonium Chloride, Menthol, Tetrasodium EDTA, Etidronic Acid, Methylchloroisothiazolinone, Methylisothiazolinone, FDC GREEN 3, Blue 1 (CI 42090)


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