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Provex / Provex CV!!

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§   “PCO (grape seed) is the most powerful preventative medicine one can take and is totally safe.”  Dr. Clark Hansen
§  Dr. Jonathan Folts - #1 cardiovascular physician in US – put the world on aspirin in the 70’s.
§  Further study revealed aspirin doesn’t work in the presence of adrenalin.
§  French Paradox study – Parisians: drink more, smoke more and eat 3.8x’s lard of an American yet have the lowest death rate from heart disease.  Why?  Red wine.
§  Folts came to Melaleuca to partner with him to bring natural product to market that would work in the presence of adrenalin and would be a natural alternative to prescription medication.
§  4 years later Provex CV was released to the public – picked up by 56 wire services, was on Dateline NBC and was written up in the American Journal of Medicine 8 times under “circulation”.
§  PCO is the most remarkable nutrient discovery of the last century.
§  PCO is water-soluble and extremely well absorbed.  Within 60 minutes of consumption it is absorbed and distributed throughout your body. 
§  It is non-toxic – even at extremely high doses.  You virtually cannot take too much. 
§  It is non-carcinogenic, non-teratogenic (does not cause birth defects) and non-mutagenic (does not cause cellular mutations).


§  Melaleuca has the highest standards of extraction (patented) and is free of pesticides, solvents and chemical residue.  Each ingredient in each batch that enters the building is thoroughly tested for molecular integrity before it even enters the production laboratory.
§  All grape seeds and grape skins which make up the flavonoid extracts in our Provex products have NOT gone through any fermentation process; therefore the extracts contain higher quality flavonoid compounds.
§  Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) can cause allergic reactions in some people – unlike other grape skin products, Provex has NO SULFUR DIOXIDE.


§  The Provex products start with a basic blend of super anti-oxidants made of grape seed/skin extract (proanthocyanidin – cyan meaning the purple color of the grape) and citrus bioflavonoids.  Bioflavonoids are natural plant components that strengthen and protect living tissue.
§  These remarkable, complex bioflavonoids (PCO) are 20 x’s more potent than Vitamin C and 50 x’s more potent than Vitamin E as an antioxidant. 
§  Flavonoids are known to fight free radicals.
§  Free radicals have been implicated in more than 60 diseases including heart disease, hardening of the arteries, arthritis, Alzheimer’s disease, cataracts and cancer.
§  Antioxidants can de-activate free radicals and stop the cellular and tissue damage they cause.  PCO is the most potent antioxidant free radical deactivator ever discovered
§  Studies have shown that the risk of developing cancer is 11.4 x’s greater for those with low levels of antioxidants (Provex) and selenium (found in our Cell Wise and Mel-Vita).
§  Grape skin contains an agent called “Reservatrol” which, through dramatic research, has shown to reduce the formation of tumors.  Grape skin provides specific antioxidant and platelet-inhibiting activity.


§  PCO has been proven to prevent the stickiness of blood platelets that can lead to blood clots and strokes.  Provex CV actually makes the blood slippery and has been proven to reduce platelet activity by 59% naturally.
§  As we age, the elastic fibers in the arteries gradually oxidize and become rigid.  (Think of an old, worn out, sun-beaten garden hose.)  This hardening of the arteries leads to high blood pressure – PCO can tremendously improve blood vessel elasticity and reduce elevated blood pressure - There is less resistance in the arterial walls, fortifying capillary wall structure, improving circulation – therefore your blood pressure goes down naturally.
§  As Provex CV enters the bloodstream it seeks out blood vessels and “wraps” them so that they are less likely to break – the result is tremendous for your circulation not to mention the reduction of spider veins (which are little broken blood vessels.) 
§  Increased circulation is vitally important to all people, but especially for those with Diabetes.
§  And finally, Provex CV greatly reduces oxidation on the arteries (cholesterol buildup), which, in turn reduces the size of cholesterol deposits on blood vessel walls.
§  Quercetin is an exclusive enzyme blend proven to improve the body’s absorption of flavonoids and powerful platelet-regulating abilities when processed properly.
§  Provex CV is the only natural product that can be prescribed on a milligram per kilogram basis with predictable results.
§  NOTE:  You must consult with your physician if you are taking a blood thinner of any kind before taking any Provex product.


§  For years, women’s magazines have been publishing advertisements for beauty products containing antioxidants designed to prevent premature aging of the skin.  Here again, PCO can play a major role because of its potent antioxidant ability and because it is so readily absorbed into the skin’s connective tissue.  It helps protect the skin from UV radiation damage that leads to wrinkles and cancer. Wear your sunblock!
§  PCO will help tone skin, stabilize collagen and elastin, reduce cellulite and dimpling, even stretch marks and old scars.  (There are studies underway that seem to link Cellulite with bioflavonoid deficiency!)


§  Not only do they function as antioxidants, but they also strengthen connective tissue, the network of collagen and elastin that holds everything in the body together as well as the major protein structure in bone. 
§  Collagen fortifies blood vessels and cartilage and is a natural protein that diminishes as we age.
§  Adding PCO to the daily diet can dramatically retard the aging process, while protecting connective tissues from free radical damage along with cardiovascular protection.


§  PCO can cross the blood-brain barrier and thus protect the brain from the effects of free radical damage associated with aging as well as strengthen the synapses between the left and right side of your brain.
§  Coupled with Ginkgo Biloba it dramatically increases oxygen and blood flow to the brain and inner ear – coupled with grape seed/grape skin (strengthens the synapses in the brain) helping children and adults with ADD and ADHD tremendously as well as significant relief from migraines.
§  It also has been found to be helpful in focused mental study as well as with Alzheimer’s patients.


§  PCO also is a powerful anti-inflammatory by inhibiting the release and synthesis of certain compounds that promote inflammation, such as histamine, serine protease, prostaglandins and leukotrienes.  PCO selectively binds to the connective tissue of joints, preventing swelling, helping heal damaged tissue and lessening pain.

§  It is also a powerful anti-histamine by inhibiting the enzyme histidine decarboxylase that is responsible for the production and delivery of histamine that plagues allergy sufferers.
§  Another wonderful aspect of the Provex line is that it will not make you drowsy like most allergy medications.
§  Asthma is largely caused by an allergic reaction within the bronchial tubes that leads to bronchial constriction and excessive mucous excretion.  Due to its ability to inhibit histamine and other inflammatory chemicals, PCO has been found to be very effective in the treatment of asthma.
§  PCO also reduces the inflammation and damage to the air sacs of patients with emphysema.


§  Which leads us to ulcers.  Stress-induced ulcers are known to be related to excessive secretion of histamine in the stomach lining.  PCO helps heal ulcers by reducing histamine secretion and by binding to and protecting connective tissue in mucous membranes.


§  Dentists have noticed the remarkable antioxidant action of PCO against tooth decay and gum disease.  Because of its high affinity for connective tissue, PCO attaches to the fibers surrounding bacterial membranes, preventing them from binding together to cause plaque or decay. 
§  Couple our Provex with our Denti-Clean oral hygiene and you will be doing your very best to care for your precious teeth and gums.


§  The sun’s UV radiation can cause free radical damage to the lens and retina of the eye.  As the proteins in your lens oxidize, they form a thickened lens known as a cataract that eventually obscures vision. 
§  Clinical studies have shown that antioxidants can halt cataract progression.   Also, collagen provides tensile strength and structural integrity to the eye. 
§  Free radical damage to any of these structures in the back of the eye near the optic nerve and adjacent blood vessels is thought to cause the elevated pressure within the eye that characterizes glaucoma. 
§  Age-related Macular Degeneration is another serious eye condition that can be helped or prevented by PCO – it’s strong affinity for the portion of the retina that is responsible for visual acuity prevents free radical damage and reinforces the collagen structure of the retina.
§  Coupled with Bilberry which is known as the “eye vitamin” – dramatic evidence that it will improve visual acuity as it protects activity on small blood vessels (in the eye).
§  Note: the only blood vessels exposed to UV rays are found in the eyes.  Wear your sunglasses!


PROVEX PLUS (grape seed, grape skin, ginkgo biloba, bilberry, citrus bioflavonoids)  – Recommended for those who want extra antioxidant protection, those who live in polluted areas, those with a history of, or suffer from diabetes, migraines, poor circulation, tinnitus, fibromyalgia, lupus, MS, allergies, asthma, ADD and ADHD.

PROVEX CV (grape seed, grape skin, ginkgo biloba, bilberry, Quercetin and a patent-protected enzyme blend including bromelain) – “CV” stands for cardiovascular – this is a must for every person as it is designed as a prevention to heart disease (the #1 killer of both men and women) but especially recommended for anyone with a family history of heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, or high cholesterol.

NOTE:  General guideline: take 1 milligram per day for every pound of body weight for the first week, enough to saturate the body tissue. Then the amount may be reduced to as little as ½ that amount.  This amount would be for general protection, not for specific health problems that may require higher doses.  For example, people with allergies may need to take 100 to 200 milligrams – 2 to 3 x’s a day for a few days until the body builds up a sufficient quantity to stabilize the condition. 
RECOMMENDATION:  DOSE LOADING – take 1 capsule for every 25 lbs of body weight for 14 days.
NOTE:  Ideally, anyone with a family history/suffering from the maladies listed above would take both Provex CV and Provex Plus.

§  Think of everything that is impacted by strong (or weak) blood vessels and cartilage!  To name a few:

§  Alzheimer’s Disease
§  Arthritis and joint function
§  Allergies
§  Asthma
§  Brown spots
§  Bruises
§  Cancer
§  Cardiovascular disease
§  Cataracts
§  Cellulite
§  Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
§  Circulation
§  Cold hands and feet
§  Diabetes
§  Diabetic retinopathy
§  Edema (swelling)
§  Emphysema
§  Fatigue
§  Fibromyalgia
§  Firm Gums
§  Glaucoma
§  Gout
§  Gum disease (periodontal)
§  Hardening of the arteries
§  Hemorrhoids
§  High Blood pressure
§  Jumpy legs / Leg tremors
§  LDL Cholesterol oxidation
§  Leg ulcers
§  Liver spots (age spots)
§  Lupus
§  Macular degeneration
§  Migraine headaches
§  Multiple Sclerosis
§  Phlebitis
§  Purpurea
§  Raynaud’s Disease
§  Retinitis pigmentosa
§  Scar tissue
§  Skin elasticity
§  Spider veins
§  Stomach ulcers (gastric & duodenal)
§  Stretch marks
§  Stroke
§  Tinnitus
§  Varicose veins
§  Visual acuity
§  Wrinkling of the skin

Helps maintain healthy blood pressure, reduces LDL oxidation, and promotes healthy platelet activity with a patented blend that includes the antioxidant power of 10,000 grapes in every bottle.*
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Product Number: 1411 • Size: 60 capsules
A proprietary combination of grape seed extract, gingko biloba, and bilberry supports healthy circulation and protects organs from damaging free radicals.*
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