Thursday, July 4, 2013

The Betty Crocker secret of making money (even if you can't bake a cake!)

I heard someone say this the other day
and I thought it was pretty profound..

  "If you want a different cake,
  you need to use different

Sounds like common sense, doesn't it?

But, it made me think of how I once

....and how YOU might be right now.

You see, once upon a time, I wanted
a different lifestyle...

I had a "cupcake" lifestyle...

..and what I wanted was the
"gourmet, 7-layer, triple chocolate
with raspberry sauce" lifestyle!

The problem was this:

I kept doing the same stuff
every day...
In other words, I said I wanted
something different...

...but I kept doing the same
old thing that was giving me
the little, rinky-dink cupcakes.

 -->  Success does not happen like that.

If you don't like what you're
getting... have to change what you're

Having a great lifestyle is
not an accident.

It's not random.

And it's got nothing to do with
"luck"...'s about using the right
ingredients and the right recipe.

Here's my recipe.  And you can take
it or leave it:

1.  A powerful product that
 sells itself

2.  A proven system that helps others achieve their goals not just there's 
3.  A pay plan that pays you 100%  commissions ( no more weenie pay)

4.  And a group of highly successful
 marketers who will show you EXACTLY
 what they do every day to create
 their "gourmet" lifestyle.

That's ALMOST the whole recipe...but
not quite...

The last part is something YOU have
to bring. 
And without it, nothing

Here it is:

5.  A burning, white-hot desire to
 create a new lifestyle....and a willingness
 to take action without excuses.

That's it.

I'm giving you 4 of the 5 ingredients.

All you have to do is take action
and provide the 5th ingredient...

Your ACTION is what makes the cake.

Are you ready to have your cake and
eat it, too?
Get started right now and I'll see
you on the inside!

Brandy Luing

P.S.  Here are some of our "top chefs"
who started out where you are right

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