Thursday, November 15, 2012

From Frenzy To Peace Of Mind With Melaleuca

From Frenzy To Peace Of Mind With Melaleuca

Melaleuca's Brown familyJUST A FEW years ago, Stacy Brown was a successful executive in corporate America. Though she enjoyed a substantial income, she wanted more freedom to fulfill her role as a mother. Now, thanks to Melaleuca, Stacy can both be a mom and pursue her ambitions

Life in the corporate world

While working in corporate America, Stacy Brown discovered that the more successful she became, the more responsibilities she was assigned. Finding the new responsibilities hard to turn down, Stacy watched her workday hours expand.
“When I was working in corporate America for the first three years of my daughter’s life, I was lucky to have an hour with her each day,” Stacy says. “That one hour was usually frenzied as I tried to feed her, prepare her lunch for the next day, and do all the other things around the house that needed to be done before we got up to do it all over again.”

Time for being Mom

Today, Stacy devotes a similar effort to Melaleuca, but she now knows she can schedule her work around her 4-year-old daughter, Dyllan.
“Since I walked away from my corporate career to build a Melaleuca business, I have made it a priority to schedule my work around the hours I want to spend with my daughter,” Stacy says. “I always make sure we have plenty of time to play, go to the park and read together each night before bed.”
The freedom to spend more time with Dyllan is what first prompted Stacy to build a business, but she has found many other benefits too.
“Now, I know that I’m providing a healthier home to raise my daughter in,” she says. “The more I learn about household toxins, the more grateful I am to have found products that allow us to have the best possible health.”

A business that touches lives

With the time freedom she has always wanted, Stacy has reevaluated her business goals. After Convention last year, she wrote down five goals for the future of her Melaleuca business
  1. Win President’s Club
  2. Win Marketing Executive of the Year
  3. Achieve Corporate Director
  4. Earn $1 million in a 12-month period
  5. Achieve total financial freedom
“I love being part of a team that changes so many lives,” Stacy says. “We’ve touched so many people and helped them discover what financial security feels like, and it’s been amazing to be a part of it.”
With that financial security, Stacy says she’s enjoying a peace of mind she could never find in her corporate career.

“I’m now on my way to living out dreams I never expected would become realities,” Stacy says. “And it’s all thanks to Melaleuca.”

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