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Migraines / headaches!

Do you are anyone you know suffer from chronic migraines/ headaches??  PLEASE share this information with everyone you care about! 
My daughter Shayla was suffering from them pretty severely.  They were becoming more and more frequent.  So, my melaleuca mind immediately went to the Provex CV and it's natural anti-inflammatory properties.  I have now been giving her a Provex CV every morning with her usual vitamins ( which includes two of the vitamin and one of the calcium and 1 cold water OMEGA 3 for brain and heart health)  For those that don't know, Shayla is 11 years old.  Since day 4 of implementing the Provex CV into her vitamin regiment there has been no headaches!  Below is more information on Provex CV.  I feel everyone should be taking this supplement just for all of it's amazing antioxidant properties that our bodies need to fight off all the free radicals that damage our systems and cause so many diseases, sicknesses and even cancer.  Provex CV will also naturally lower high blood pressure and has been proven to lower high cholesterol as well. Also beneficial for those with diabetes.

NOTE:  Shayla has not gotten any of the colds / flu bugs going around either! :)
another NOTE:   the provex plus vitamin (which melaleuca JUST reduced the price of)... would also be beneficial... I just like all the other ingredients in the Provex CV which is why I chose to give it to Shayla)

Melaleuca's amazing PROVEX CV contains Quercetin.... find out why YOU should be taking this supplement!!!
(reminder:  melaleuca's Provex CV IS IN their Vitality 6 packs!!)
 Also, can be purchased separately.

What is Quercetin?

Quercetin is the most abundant of the flavonoids and is also a building block for other flavonoids.  Quercetin is found in many common foods including
apple, green tea, onion, nuts, berries, cauliflower and cabbage.

Quercetin exerts many beneficial health effects, including improvement of
cardiovascular health, reducing risk for cancer, and protection against osteoporosis.  This phytochemical has anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic and anti-toxic effects.  Most of these properties are linked to its strong antioxidant action, but quercetin also modulates the expression of specific enzymes.  Quercetin is a candidate for preventing obesity-related diseases.

Quercetin shows
anti-inflammatory action by its direct antioxidant action and inhibition of inflammatory mediators and enzymes, such as lipoxygenase.  Quercetin also inhibits the release of histamine, which causes congestion (i.e., allergies).  Studies have shown an improved lung function and lower risk of certain respiratory diseases (asthma and bronchitis) for people with high apple (rich in quercetin) intake.

Heart Disease
demonstrate that flavonoid-rich diets protect against myocardial infarction and stroke.  As many other flavonoids, quercetin inhibits oxidation of LDL (bad) cholesterol, lowers blood pressure, and reduces the risk of heart disease.

Studies have shown that quercetin
reduces cancer risk of prostate, ovary, breast, gastric and colon cells.  Numerous in-vitro studies show that quercetin induces apoptosis (cell death) of cancer cells through different mechanisms.

Quercetin may help to reduce symptoms of
diabetes patients.  One study showed that quercetin reduced blood glucose level and improved plasma insulin levels in streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats.  An in-vitro study concluded that quercetin may have a pharmacological application in treating cardiovascular disease in diabetes mellitus patients.

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 Below are some testimonials of other melaleuca customers and what they found to help their migraines/headaches!

"I'd suffered from migraines for most of my adult life. I tried everything from strong traditional medicines to every natural remedy that anyone would tell me was the "cure." Nothing helped and at least once a month I would lie in bed sicker than words can describe. Even a sliver of light would be unbearable - let alone any movement. Sometimes there was even vomiting. Those who suffer from migraines will be nodding their heads as they read this. Those who don't, can't even imagine how horrible it is. When I was introduced to Melaleuca it didn't even occur to me that this might be the answer to my prayers.
 I did four things simultaneously so I don't know which had the greatest impact. They were: 1) Started to take the Vitality Pack (was it a nutritional deficiency?) 2) Started taking the ProVex (it's a natural anti-inflammatory) 3) Got all the toxic cleaning and personal care products out of my house (only later did I discover that my Tide and 409 and Listerine and etc. were filled with chemicals linked to headaches) 4) Started drinking at least 8 eight ounce glasses of water a day plus 3-4 cups of Melaleuca tea to flush the toxins out of my system. I've since also added Fiberwise because I read a few articles about toxins in the colon being a cause of migraines.
The happy ending is that the month after I started the Melaleuca regime I only had a moderate headache. The next month it was even slighter and now for the past 10 years I have not had one migraine. I've maybe have one or two headaches a year that easily go away with an aspirin and that's usually when I'm in the sun too long. I hear this same story from many Melaleuca users so it's not just me. Hope you can share this with others. It's been amazing! "
Debra Poneman
My name is Rachel McCall & I have been w/ Melaleuca since September of 2003. I had migraines since I was 16 & was told it was genetic. When we enrolled we bought a Value Pack, and about 3 months after we converted our home I began to notice that the migraines had lessend & were far less frequent. The pain was often so bad that I would have to go to bed, any light would hurt & I was sick to my stomach as well. Taking me at least 2-3 days to recover. The longer we had Melaleuca in our home the less the migraines became. If I did have flare up I would put Pain-A-Trate on my temples which helped alleviate the pain & take the CounterAct Ibuprofen. If we had not purchased a Value Pack I may not have ordered the Pain-A-Trate right away, that is the TRUE VALUE of converting your home...getting to experience all Melaleuca has to offer. On a final note, I was in a very high pressure job when I started & I was able to come home & work Mela leuca at the end of 2004. You may wonder what that has to do with Migraines. Since not having to be under such stress and enjoying what I do by helping others & having a better safer home I cannot remember when I had a migraine. I love Melaleuca for so many reasons & always will. Rachel McCall 

I also suffered from chronic headaches and migraines.  I started taking ProvexCV and got a Value Pack to convert my home.  The month after I got it my headaches and migraines were gone!  And have been for 2 years. .I know that the Provex CV has a big factor in the migraines, for sure, for myself.

  I used to suffer from migraines and don't anymore since using the ProvexCV.
Lance Smith
When I switched shampoos to Melaleuca.. my migraines practically disappeared!  But I've been told that the provex CV is great at helping too.. as it increases the circulation in the brain.  Hope this helps.
 Sally Bowers
I used to get migraines, or at least a horrible headache almost everyday. Everything seemed to make it worse, and medicine didn't do a lot of good. I thought it was just because my 2 year old was so loud or because he was stressing me out, but when I switched to Melaleuca's products, my headaches almost completely stopped. I've only gotten a couple headaches a month (instead of about everyday), since I've switched and they're nothing like they used to be. I used to spray Lysol EVERYWHERE, and I know that was a lot of what was causing my headaches. Now, when I'm at my parents house, (which smells like cleaners), I always get a headache.
I never would have thought my cleaners were giving me headaches!
  Brandy Rollins

When I switched shampoos to Melaleuca.. my migraines practically disappeared!  But I've been told that the provex CV is great at helping too.. as it increases the circulation in the brain.   Hope this helps
 Sally Bowers

I hope Provex CV will help improve YOUR health as much as it has ours!

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