Thursday, November 29, 2012

Great Eczema Information

Fifty to seventy percent of children with eczema go on to develop asthma. The progression of eczema to asthma is called "the atopic march." Scientists believe this progression is started by first inheriting a defect in a skin protein that acts as a natural moisturizer. Take note that this article closes with the advice to, early on, moisturize and treat the skin of kids with eczema. By doing so perhaps asthma and allergic rhinitis can be prevented.
The book Melaleuca: A Legacy of Wellness explains that patented Renew Intensive Skin Therapy Lotion was specifically tested on persons with eczema, and clinically proven to relieve dry skin associated with eczema. Renew Lotion was also proven to restore moisture, and proven to provide significant relief of redness associated with eczema. The Renew family also includes three additional products to help fight dryness: Renew Hand Wash, Renew Body Wash, and Renew Bath Oil.
This study notes that, in babies with eczema, there is a lack of diversity of gut bacteria. At birth babies naturally begin to acquire protective good bacteria from their mothers, and breastfeeding continues to build up their immune system. In this scientific article researchers reported that when pregnant women took probiotics their babies had a 40% reduction in the incidence of eczema. If eczema tends to run in your family, a probiotic such as Florify might help in prevention or reduction of the development of eczema in your baby.
The Melaleuca Wellness Guide tells us that some have found that washing with the Gold Bar and then applying Renew Intensive Skin Therapy and or Renew Bath Oil is very effective, even for children. It is especially important to protect sensitive eczema-prone skin and avoid irritating soaps and detergents. Convert your home to safer EcoSense products, taking care to always wash clothing with MelaPower Laundry Detergent. And again, as we mentioned in the first paragraph, "by moisturizing right from day one" the impact of asthma and allergic rhinitis may be reduced.

The people below will receive a free Melaleuca Wellness Guide for submitting their stories.
I inherited my Melaleuca business after my 41 year old brother died suddenly of bladder cancer. He was a Senior Director IX with 1400 customers and I had no idea what I had inherited. The first thing I noticed when looking at the catalog was the Renew Lotion. It told how it helped with eczema. I said to myself as a skeptic that I just had to see if that was true. My 2 yr. old had been suffering with eczema since he was born. He had it behind his knees, in the front creases of his arms, and at the top of his hiney crack. He would scratch until it was bleeding nearly 24/7. I tried many over-the-counter and doctor's prescription creams and nothing worked at all. I ordered the Renew and placed a thick layer on all of the eczema locations and then put his pajamas on so he couldn't rub it off and to my surprise within 24 hours and one thick application, he had new healed skin, and no more eczema to this day, and h e is now 5 yrs old. I knew this was a company I could tell others about after that. Thank you Melaleuca for Renew and all of your wonderful products.
~ Kristi
Seeing my little granddaughter Brooke suffering from eczema all over her little body was disturbing for us. Brooke came to live with us at the age of 4 years old. Her eczema was so bad that under her armpits were crusting sores. There was not much of her body that was not affected. As we live in a Melaleuca non-toxic home, we started daily treatment with the Renew products. Renew oil was used in the bath. Renew body wash was used every day, and followed up by Renew Intensive Skin Therapy Lotion. MelaGel was used on the open sores. We washed all her clothes in MelaPower. By the second month we noticed a big difference, four months later, beautiful skin. Brooke will soon be turning 6 years old. I now proudly show before and after photos of her. No more crying with the stinging itching skin. Thanks Melaleuca. New Zealand members since 2009.
~ Raewyn
I started using Melaleuca in October of 2010. The Renew Lotion was one of my first products in my first order. My youngest son suffered from eczema, it was getting progressively worse. He would get fine dry clusters of pimples on his face, especially around his nose and mouth. He had been under the care of a dermatologist for about a year and a half before we started using Renew Lotion. I would purchase expensive prescription creams that would work for a little bit, then his skin would go back to getting the bumps again. He began to become immune to all the prescribed creams. I started using Renew on my son's face every night and every morning. I noticed his skin began to clear up in about three weeks. My son said to me, "Hey Mom, my bumps are going away!" I said "Yes, we have been using our new Melaleuca lotion called Renew." One night before going to bed, my son said, "Mom don 't forget to put on my 'Melalusha' lotion!" We have not been back to the dermatologist since we started using Renew October 2010!
~ Timeka
I grew up suffering from eczema. By the time I reached my teens, I refused to wear shorts, short skirts or dresses because the eczema left my legs with open, bleeding sores and scars. As I grew into adulthood, I swam less, and still wore mostly pants because I was embarrassed. My sleep was restless, as I would itch all night. I would shower quickly and would not use a towel to dry, as it caused more itching. Then I was introduced to Melaleuca. After washing everything in MelaPower, in six weeks, my eczema disappeared. The sores were gone, with only a few scars to show where they were. Using Renew after showering made even more of those disappear. Funny enough, when I met my husband, I started getting rashes again, on my neck and shoulders. We couldn't figure out why, till it dawned on me that he wasn't using MelaPower. We joke that's why he married me; because out of self-preservation I started doing his la undry with MelaPower three months into dating. Today, I only get spot patches when I'm pregnant. And extra Renew keeps that in check. I can wear skirts (which I do often now!) and sleep in comfort. I will be a Melaleuca customer for life because Melaleuca products have made my eczema disappear!
~ Sarah
Eczema was a problem in my Mother's family and I surely inherited it. It began with scaly lesions on my legs that itched like fire and I would scratch until my legs were bloody. I tried several lotions, but none stopped the itching for very long. When I finally learned about Renew and started using it, my legs began to heal and I finally was able to stop ripping my legs open with the itching. Now when people tell me about their itching I give them a travel size Renew and suggest they get a 20 oz bottle the keep on hand. Everyone really likes the relief they get from using it. Of course, I have The Melaleuca Wellness Guide on hand for whenever someone tells me about one of their ailments so they can see how well Melaleuca products can be used for a variety of problems. I wouldn't be without Melaleuca products. They are superb!
~ Cap
My daughter has four little boys, 5, 3, and 6 month old twins. Each of the boys has had their skin issues. My daughter uses only the Renew lotion on the eczema and rashes. They clear right up! One of the twins is very sensitive to perfumes and his little face gets beet red. All my daughter has to do is put on the Renew lotion and the redness and irritation goes away almost instantly. Recently we were at a wedding and the twins were passed around quite a lot exposing them to many perfumes and irritants. No problem! We put lots of Renew on them to provide a protective barrier and it worked! Pretty babies! My daughter and I are firm believers in the healing power of Renew lotion.
~ Mary Lou

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