Thursday, November 29, 2012

Getting so much accomplished today!

Getting so much accomplished today! I have called and contacted my teams to let them know IN PERSON how Blessed and Thankful I am to have them in my life and in our family's lives. We live in an electronic communication society and Facebook, texting, emails etc. absolutely DO NOT count as a caring gesture to people you love and care about. It takes YOU letting them know in person how much you car
e, where they can hear your voice and emotion-no amount of smily faces can convey that. My favorite saying today is that this is a "HoliDAY", not a "HoliMONTH", so Thanksgiving is one day this entire month meaning there are 29 other days to work from home and get things accomplished and the same thing goes for December, Christmas is one day out of 31 days, that means the rest of the month is fair game to close the month and year out strong!! Those short term sacrifices lead to so many long term benefits.....every single second of sacrifice pays off in so many ways.

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