Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Never stop sharing Melaleuca

From Deborah-
I am so thrilled right now, just have to share with all of you!!

Our washing machine went out this weekend, so today we had a repair tech come out and fix it.  When he was done, he said you may want to add your laundry soap to this load since it’s been sitting through the weekend.
I immediately grabbed my MelaPower, placed ONE pump and he said, that’s all you need to put in there?  Yes sir I said.  He then asked me what detergent that was… I proceeded to say Melaleuca.  He then said that he used to be a customer of Melaleuca in 1990 and they only had a few products, so on and so on.  Anyway, we started talking and I shared with him my experiences, several testimonials and also that Melaleuca supports our family!

His eyebrows raised and said what did you say?  I was smiling so big inside that all the words just kept flowing from my mouth… you would have been proud, I am! 

Anyway, I gave him a catalog, plus the Sei Bella catalog for his wife.  As I was walking him to his vehicle, he stopped on my porch and said, you did say it was only $1.00 through the 17th?  I said yes it is… he then asked for my number.  Well, I had already placed my business card on the back of the Melaleuca catalog.  He looked at it and said what is Work at Home United?  Well, that started another conversation about how we help people all over the world.

When everything was done, he looked back at me and said Deborah you just made my day!!  My wife and I freelance with wedding photography, I do appliance repair on the side and we have NO plan B for our retirement (I would say he was at least in his late 50’s), could you help us?   What do you think I said??  OF COURSE I CAN!!!

WAHU, what a way to start my October!!!!  ~huge smiles and dancing going on around here~

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