Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Here is a Clue for all the "Magic" weight loss gimmicks

A little clue for all the "magic" weight loss gimmicks. If an average American stops eating all the junk food, fried food, and fast food they usually eat and just simply drink a glass of milk with Nesquick in it, what will happen?? They will lose tons of weight, drops tons of pant sizes, and proclaim their worlds have changed forever....LOL!! Save $300 per month and just get some chocolate syrup or Nesquick...it has the same nutrient absorption as the magic shakes and you will not be in debt up to your eyeballs...and sunk into a hopeless MLM situation. Just trying to save some people from heartache down the road....you do NOT have to pay $300 per month for someone to tell you to stop eating fried/junk food and you will lose weight. Save your money and pay off debt and lose weight without all the money spending, smoke, and mirrors.......just being REAL today!! Remember, the TRUTH is good enough here.....

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