Sunday, July 1, 2012

Ilene’s Success Survey:

Ilene’s Success  Survey:
5 Minutes…5  Questions…5 Ways to a Stronger Business

A number of direct sellers are telling me  that in this challenging economy, it’s tough to “get up and get  going” to make their businesses work.  Sure it’s  tough!  But as they say, when the going gets tough, the tough get  going.  Don’t let a sluggish economy slow you down!  Instead of looking for excuses, look  for opportunities.

To help you get started, take 5 minutes to  answer these 5 questions.

      1. How much  money do you want to earn this month? _______________.
           How much money you want or need to earn is one of your Purposes.
           We have many Purposes.  Your Purpose could be to gain confidence in
           public speaking; or to make new friends; or to earn a company
           incentive such as a trip or a cruise.  Determining your Purpose is the
           first step in achieving your Purpose.

       2.  Who could use a “Customer Care” call from you? ________________.
           Call someone who could benefit by hearing your voice.  Ask if they
           need more products, if they’d like to book a party, or if they would  just
           like to talk.  When we care about others, show genuine concern for
           another person’s well-being, we are giving of ourselves.  Who can  you

     3. Who do you  know needs additional income? _____________________.
           Perhaps you have heard about someone who recently lost a job, or
           who is struggling to pay the bills, or has a growing family.  Many
           people you know could use a little more income.  Let these individuals
           know about your business opportunity.  Your call could be the call that
           changes a life for the better.

      4. Which  member of your team could use a positive word of
           encouragement?____________.  Whether your team numbers a few or
           into the hundreds, there are team members who need your
           encouraging words. Take a moment to call a member of your team.
           Thank her for her efforts.  Congratulate her on a recent
           accomplishment.  Invite her to lunch.  Reach out and inspire.

       5.  How can you make your business stronger? ____________________.
            List at least one thing you can do today to make your business
            stronger.  Perhaps there is a motivational article in a magazine you
            have set aside to read later.  Is it time to pick it up and give it a
            read?  Is there a motivational tape you have wanted to try?  From
            time to time, we all need to recharge our motivational batteries.
            What can you do today to power up?  I hope this Success Survey has
            helped you. Send it to everyone you know, and please send your
            completed copy to me.  I look forward to hearing from you today!

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