Monday, July 9, 2012

Well, I am sufficiently disgusted for the day.

Well, I am sufficiently disgusted for the day. This is what people who live in the city drink everyday, shower in, bathe their children in, cook with, and do dishes and laundry with. In this article it states that Chloramine has NOT been adequately studied or tested on humans and the little testing that has been done showed immediate cancer in animals that were tested. Then people run around blindly making little pink ribbons and say "oh when will there be a cure" and let's pray for the victims etc. How about Let's become educated on what causes cancer and do something about it for a change....I am so glad that we live where we live and have triple filtrated water from our 1500 foot deep well that has added reverse osmosis on top of the triple filtration and no city council has touched or come close to the water we use daily. People need to just become aware and a bit of education never hurt anyone, in fact it will save a life.

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