Monday, July 9, 2012

Thank you Andi Page for sharing this...

Okay I Must list who we have helped since the last post like this a few days ago.....a family who has a child with Autism-this little boy has had his entire life changed from his mom just sitting and listening to what we teach!Helped someone with High Blood Pressure-it went from 190 over 80 to 124 over 70 in 30 days. Helped someone with HIGH cholesterol-we dropped it by 83 points in 60 days-no statins and no side affects. We helped save tons of lives from one of the #1 killers for men and women in America-Heart disease-this is one of our company's specialties. Helped a baby with desperate parents- finally after seeing hundreds of specialists, get her nutrition and start gaining weight for the first time in months. Most of all, helped babies and children with Asthma throw away their nebulizers and inhalers for the first time since birth! Helped thousands of families save so much money this year that they have begun to pay off their debt and loans and have helped thousands never have to worry about income or finances again. I seriously am still amazed at how well we get paid to simply educate with free information and help save and change lives!!

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