Monday, July 9, 2012

How would you like this

Come on guys who wants to do this with me... I want to help all my friends and family do this, Andi is such an awesome lady with a wonderful family and she is living her dream
Almost payday this month...I am so excited to celebrate what our new mommies, partners, and business professionals earned this month!! We have weekly pay to pay ourselves anytime each week but almost everyone on my team chooses to get our pay once per month......I find it beyond belief that I have received 5 paychecks this year so far and my year to date is over $127,000.00 this year so far working less than 20 hours per week from home. This is not some piddly sales deal that pays you a few hundred dollars per month-we earn on average over $20,000.00 per month and we are seriously just getting started and plan to double and triple that in the next 12 months. NO OTHER company pays and has a compensation plan like ours and I have never invested one penny, never sold one item and we are NOT an MLM at all! MLMs don't work, they may pay you a few hundred per month for working super hard-unless you are at the top of the which most mlm worker bees are not! My favorite part of our team and company besides saving and changing lives is helping my team members reach that $5,000 and $10,000 per month benchmark on their all rock!! Cannot wait to share...congrats!!

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