Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I am so proud to Say

Proud to say.....we have: No Sales, No Autoships, No Investment, No MLM, NO Risk, NO Smoke and Mirrors, Nobody gets hurt, and most of all my kids come to me and say that they have learned that never, ever, ever, ever, in life that they will get sucked into an MLM, pyramid type company where they have to sell or push products on anyone. They have been programmed themselves by knowledge, become educated, and now protected for life. I now can rest easy knowing they know better at ages 10 or less to not get involved in MLM companies when they grow up. This has saved them years of heartache and money.....proud of those lil stinkers...they are so stinkin smart!!  If you are wanting to get a soild income then we need to talk and click on more information

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