Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Big Shocker....people have no idea of the actual TRUTH!! They sit and wonder why do all these kids have Juvenile Diabetes, why do so many people have cancer, why do we have the sickest generation of children in American History- while they are happily using their Tide, Cascade, Downy, Bleach, Johnson & Johnson, and feeding their kids "healthy", "Organic", and "normal" food daily....they are clueless unless they stop and become educated. They could save their own children's lives by just taking the blinders off for one single second........I am so glad that we stopped and listened 7 years ago...it saved our children's lives for sure!

When Kashi was bought by Kellogg's, we should have known. Do you know what you are eating?? Here here for stores who will ONLY sell safe non GMO real FOOD. The rest is up to US.....your health and your nutrition is in YOUR hands. AND your children's are in YOURS as well.

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