Monday, June 11, 2012

Looking to Work from Home?

Looking to Work from Home? Work at Home United is partnered with Melaleuca "The Wellness Company." that started in 1985 and is an established company based here in the US. They are completely
debt free with an A1 financial rating. Last year alone, they generated almost a billion dollars in revenue. They have grown every year for the last 26 years. They just invested over 100 million dollars into company upgrades preparing for their growth and yet they still operate completely debt free. So if you want to Work from Home, please visit our website. We are well respected in the corporate world. To see all of their awards go to A few awards that impressed me when I heard this information is that they have appeared five times in Inc. 500 magazines as one of America’s fastest growing, privately owned companies. They’ve been awarded the Torch Award from the Better Business Bureau, which honored our company for their example of ethics and integrity in their daily operations. So, you will be partnered with a reputable company that's in the growing health and wellness industry, giving you the opportunity to earn long-term reliable residual income. Our CEO, Frank Vandersloot, noticed 25 years that people were becoming more and more concerned about their health, the environment and their overall financial security. With these things in mind, he created Melaleuca where customers shop at wholesale prices, factory direct for healthy, green household consumable products that people use every day. At the same time, Frank also wanted to create an opportunity for the average person to get ahead and have financial security. We simply find and refer customers and business partners to Melaleuca. We then earn commissions every single month when these customers shop with the company. What really got my attention when I first heard this information is that Melaleuca has a documented 95% monthly customer reorder rate, which means that 95% of the customers that shop this month with the company will shop again next month. This is what gives us such reliable residual income. For more information go to and we will point you in the right direction to get more details.

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