Sunday, June 3, 2012


What would your life be like if.....

I just wanted to let you know, if you are looking to work
from home I have a recommendation of a great company who
has the credentials to back them up as legitimate.
I have been part of a company for the past 3 years and they
have a simple concept that makes sense.
For the first couple of weeks this month they are
offering a great promotion where you can sign up for
the membership for only $1.
Whether you are looking for a full-time, part-time or
additional income, I highly recommend the company.
Again, it is a simple concept and in return we make money
from it. All we do is switch stores where we are purchasing
environmentally safer products where the cost per use is
less expensive. We are getting a better product of things
we already buy for less money.
The company has a generous compensation plan. Within 15 months
of working with the company, I was making $2500 a month.
They also paid for my monthly car payment for a brand new
More people are becoming environmentally cautious. More
people are watching their money because of the economy.
More people are looking to make more money. Now, is the
opportunity to save money, have environmentally safer products
while making money from home.
The company has the best credentials to back them up as
legitimate. I have not seen a company with so many great
credentials than the one I am talking about. They are members
of the BBB, DSA, Dun & Bradstreet, US Chamber, etc.. They
have a 120 day guarantee on their products. When was the last
time you purchased a cleaning or hygiene product from Wal-Mart
or the store and may mot have liked it. More than likely, the
store won't take it back if you don't like it. With this company
they have a 120 day guarantee on their products.
If you are interested in joining me, please email:
WORKATHOMEUNITEDBRANDY@GMAIL.COM with the following information.
On the subject line please put "WAHU BRANDY" otherwise
I may not see it.
1. Have you worked from home or currently working from home?
If so, what are you doing or what have you done?
2. Do you have at least 10-20 hours available per week
to work with the company?
3. Are you looking for environmentally safer products
and products to save you money?
4. Would you be able to come up with the $1 plus for
an order about an average of $45-$65. It is a great
time to try these products especially if you are running
low or out of things because you will get a better and
safer product where the cost per use is less expensive.
5. If you have any questions, either I can call you
or you can call me: 480-247-2934
As you are searching consider this...

I am a professional Women who was looking for a work from home opportunity
that was ethical and legitimate. Something I could be proud of doing and
also help other people do the same. I didn't want a get rich quick
or multi-level marketing scheme. I did however want support, training
and to be able to create my own schedule.

Well, I found what I was searching for and would like to share with you
what it is that is changing my family's life.

Make a positive change in your life. You won't know if this is the
option for you until you hear the information.
Contact me at: .: Work At Home United :.

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