Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Is Green Works really natural ?

Is Green Works really natural ?

Some of you asked if I had any info on the FACT that Green works is not a disinfectant -- here you go!t

· Q. Where can I find Green Works™ products?
A. Look for them in the cleaning aisle at all major stores where
cleaning products are sold.·

Q. What does natural mean? Are Green Works™ products 100% natural?

A. Currently, there is no industry standard definition for natural cleaners. To create Green Works™ natural cleaners we set ourselves a very stringent standard. The ingredients must come from renewable resources, be biodegradable and free of petrochemicals. Green Works™ cleaners are at least 99% natural. In certain cases we had to use synthetic ingredients, like the preservative and green colorant. But we're working hard to develop natural alternatives so the entire line can be 100% natural.·

Q. Do Green Works™ products disinfect?

A. Not yet. But our scientists are focused on evaluating natural disinfecting ingredients. We hope to incorporate disinfecting into Green Works™ cleaners in the future.·

Q. Why is Green Works™ more expensive than traditional cleaners?

A. The cost of natural ingredients is significantly higher than what is used in traditional cleaners. Green Works™ products cost less than other natural clearers and when you consider they are more natural and clean with the power you expect from Clorox, the premium price is a good value.taken from
Also Clorox announced on Aug 1, 2008 they need to raise their prices, due to oil prices; an article covering that press release is here -
here is a list of some of the prices that are going up for products:clorox price hikes· Glad trash bags: 10 percent increase, October 2008· Clorox liquid bleach: 10 percent increase, August 2008 · Clorox Toilet Bowl Cleaner: 8 percent to 13 percent increase, August 2008· Clorox ToiletWand products: 8 percent to 13 percent increase, August 2008· Liquid-Plumr products: 9 percent increase, August 2008 · Formula 409: 12 percent increase, August 2008· Tilex: 12 percent increase, August 2008· Clorox Disinfecting Bathroom cleaner: 12 percent increase, August 2008· Clorox Clean-Up cleaners: 8 percent, August 2008 · Fresh Step and Scoop Away cat litter: 7 percent to 8 percent increase, August 2008· Hidden Valley Ranch salad dressing: 7 percent increase, August 2008And a reminder that Melaleuca continues to offer the best of science and nature, while saving you money and DOES have a botanical disinfectant product! Sol-U-Guard. Again the difference is a company that has been "going green" for over 20 years and is committed to all around wellness, quality products and saving you money! This is the best shopping decision you can make for your family.

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