Tuesday, June 26, 2012



Thank you Jerry for your note, you are such awonderful blessing for our team and we are excited to share in all you achieve

Do not askt he Lord to Guide your Footsteps if you are not willing to move your feet. Do not ask the Lord for a blessing when you are not ready or willing to receiveit. Look around the answer could be right in front of you but if you arecritical, judgemental, doubtful and fearful..you might miss your answer andyour blessings.
Today be open to see whats before you already.   Be Blessed!   Someone is on their knees praying for help like I was.  Thanks Cindy for answering my prayer!   Open your eyes to others, first you must see whatthey see.   Then you can cast the vision for them to see what you see.  You already have free air to breath, a free body to carry you around, afree country to live in, the Blessings of a team of Leaders from our corporateoffice.  Our devoted leaders in the field.
Michelle and Lance, Marylou and Vincent, Nicole and Dan, Cindy and Geoff, yourleader and THE KEY TO YOUR SUCCESS IS YOU. Your friends, Jerry and Pam

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