Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Your idea of a clean house is what ?

Your idea of a clean house that smells "clean" is slowly poisoning you and your children by what they are breathing into their lungs and absorbing into their skin daily. The "amazing" sunscreen and "baby block" you put on your children is worse than handing them a pack of Marlboro cigarettes to smoke.....it is amazing to me the amount of moms that come to me in tears after learning how to not poison their family because every time they have rushed their child with closing airways from an asthma attack was right after they cleaned the house....hmmmm...shocker! Or they call me in tears as the rashes, the eczema, the suffering their children have gone through is completely gone just from them being educated with free information. I too, blindly skipped through life caring for my family cleaning house, feeling good and just chalking all those runny noses, ear infections, fevers, and colds to what I considered to be "everyday kid stuff" until I became educated, stopped poisoning my children in my home, and voila...they have not been sick in 5 years....I cannot believe they actually pay me thousands per month to save lives......can you say "dream job"!!! We currently have the sickest generation of babies and children in American History will you ignore that proven fact or become educated and do something about it? The choice is yours....

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