Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Another Successful Mom with Work At Home United

Stacey Huff

I was a Mom, desperate to stay at home with my children, but also knew we needed my full time Corporate America income coming into our household. I knew there had to be a business out there that was legitimate and allowed me to have the flexibility that I wanted and knew my family deserved. While continuing to work as a Creative Director in the Entertainment industry, I started my business with this team on a part-time basis. We were so tired of making decent incomes, and yet not having the financial security we knew we deserved. I started my search and was so fortunate to come upon this team and company. I was excited to get started ~ although I had never tried anything from home in the past, I set my goal to replace my previous income from home as soon as possible. In about a year we achieved that goal, and since have replaced my husband ' s income to bring him home full-time so we can work along side our 3 kids. We now earn a multiple six-figure income, and Alec has been able to pursue his life long dream of being a photographer. This company has provided a tremendous amount of freedom to our family: financial freedom, debt freedom, but more importantly, we've been able to help so many others achieve their dreams and goals of earning an income from home. We are truly living the life of our dreams!.

We are a Team of REAL people achieving REAL GOALS!
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