Monday, January 14, 2013

Dust Devils Softball

SOFTBALL is a game resembling baseball that is played on a smaller diamond, with a larger ball, and it is pitched underhand. There are 9 players on a softball team. This sport was invented in Chicago in 1888 as an indoor game. It has had various names over the years including indoor baseball, playground ball, kitten ball, and, because it was also played by women, ladies' baseball. The name softball was given to the game in 1926.

It is popular as an amateur sport in the U.S., and has grown in popularity outside of North America over the last 50 years.

Types of Softball....There are two types of softball recreational softball, and travel/select softball.

The recreational league is a more relaxed, less competitive environment. This league is divided into t-ball, coach pitch and competitive divisions with each division created based on age. The travel/select division requires that children tryout for a position on the team. Skill level is very high in these leagues and competition is tough. In this league your child's skills will improve substantially simply because of the competition, dedication and practice.

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