Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Another Succssfull Moms at Work At Home United

Before I came home to be a SAHM I worked as an EMT. I loved it but knew I didn’t want to do it forever. I started looking for a way to replace that income as soon as we knew we were expecting our first child. My daughter Rebecca came along and then her brother Jack made our family complete. The whole time I was being a Mom to these two beautiful angels I was also searching for a business I could do from home that would replace my previous income. I knew exactly what I didn’t want; no inventory, no large investment, no deliveries, no handling other people’s money and no risk! I was introduced to this Team and Company in January 2004 and got started right away!! I knew we were a perfect fit for each other as soon as I heard the information! I was able to replace my income quickly and have continued moving forward ever since!
Getting started was the best decision I’ve ever made. We’re now on a path to financial security that can’t be found anywhere else! I’m so excited about what tomorrow will bring for us! Let’s journey together!

We are a Team of REAL people achieving REAL GOALS!
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