Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Have you used Melaleuca products, and do you like them?

I really like the Melaleuca prodcuts! I'm not a seller of them, just a buyer. I love the daily vitamin packs, the Sol-u-mel we use on a daily basis, and the Nicole Miller stuff is wonderful. I think their products are wonderful. I'm still brand loyal to many of the items I buy locally, but I'm sold on the quality of Melaleuca. And this is from someone who is pretty anti-multi-level-marketing. ;)

If you have questions on specific products, let me know. I haven't tried them all for sure, but can give you an honest opinion if I've tried one you are questioning.

We have been using Melaleuca products for several years now and love having a non-toxic household. The problem we have is in keeping our order to the minimum amount as we could easily double or triple our purchase each month. We have several favourite products now including the new mint toothpaste with the tea-tree oil in it. The oil goes down into the gums and fights bacteria and plaque build-up. Our dentist was very impressed last visit after not having a checkup for nearly 2 years. The other fab product is the Sol-U-Mel cleaner. Our vehicle recently had a disagreement with a parking garage marker which left a small dent and a very long yellow paint mark down the side of the green vehicle. Out came the Sol-u-Mel and paper towel and it took the yellow paint right off the vehicle without damaging the original paintwork at all. Our friend had a similar experience when someone sprayed his car with graffiti, Sol-u-mel did a complete cleanup for him. We make sure to have Attain shakes and bars on hand always. The orange/cream shake with a banana or other fruit is a great between-meal snack and full of good things, and my husband would not be without his Access bars before his workout and Proflex 30 shake afterwards. I could go on-and-on about these products, they are great. And in case you don't get hooked on them, there is a money-back guarantee on the products, and your enrollment fee!

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