Monday, January 14, 2013

Work At Home United Information

Work At Home United - More Information For Review
What Do They Do?

Work At Home United moms is a support company for Melaleuca The Wellness Company, it was created to help moms build a business from home and bring in extra income. It also helps Melaleuca use the word of mouth system by avoiding the costs of advertising. Melaleuca produces a line of all natural products and has been selling the products successfully for almost 25 years. The products are safer for the environment and they range from cosmetics, weight loss to pharmaceuticals and all of your home cleaning products. If you are looking for great products for the home and that do not contain harmful chemicals, Melaleuca is great.

How do I get Compensated?
The company recommends that you become a member by paying a small fee of $29, which gives you the right to begin earning compensation. You will also have to purchase the products on a monthly basis and the company requires you to spend at least $50 - $60. The Leaders ask that you begin by creating a contact list of all of your friends and family to start your business. You will receive a free website to begin promoting your business. By signing on as many people as you can and depending on how many decide to become customers and start a business, you will then begin to earn between 7% - 20% commission on every referral. The leaders recommend that you do not make your first referrals from the internet and they request that representatives not advertise Melaleuca at all. The residual income begins when you have referred your first 8 people and become a Director, then it increases as you go. In order to see a nice income of around $1,000 to $2,000 a month, you would have to refer about 13 people and have 2 of those refer 8 people each to become directors and buy the products on a monthly basis. This usually will require you to spend at least 20 hours a week talking to friends and family and doing your own offline and online advertising.
Work At Home United is a legal business that provides the customers with all natural products and helps Moms earn a little extra income. It can also be a business that many individuals would rather not do because they do not feel at ease with having to sell to their friends and family. The internet is by far the best place to start a business.

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