Thursday, January 10, 2013

What is important to you?

What is important to YOU?
What are your goals?
Make those goals and dreams a reality?
Being Home with Your family with Peace of Mind.
Taking control over your financial future and erasing debt.
Creating a stable, growing income you will be able to count on?
Giving back and contributing to our communities and families?
Improving your life, health and wellness and living within your own values surrounded with others like you.
Income: Supplementing, adding to, replacing income, securing your retirement, college educations, savings for the future, mortgage debt, living expenses, activities for family, vacations?

What is important to me right now is getting you all of the details on our business...
We believe in giving all the information so you can see why so many with our team have reached their goals, also how it is simple for you to reach yours.

I will be available to call you in personally into this 20 minute call *This call IS NOT a sales call. The call will cover:

· Who we are and what we do.

· The Company we have partnered with and their proven success factors.

· How we get paid

· The many benefits of Our Team including FREE training, tools and support to reach your goals. This team has helped 1000's reach their goals and now can help you do the same.

· Answer any questions you may have, hear others ask questions

· Meet Top Leaders from Our Team and from our company!

We've had an overwhelming number of people calling us to see what Work At Home United is all about this month . My day planner fills FAST.
All calls are in Eastern Standard Time:
Monday- Friday 10am-11pm EST
Respond to this email and indicate 2 times that work for you and we will confirm which time we will call and introduce ourselves and share all the details with you.

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